Madison Visits Avery

12Avery continues her slow march to what we hope is a full recovery. The swelling below her neck has decreased dramatically but areas around her neck and face are still somewhat puffy. The doctors have discontinued a handful of the medications she was on because she doesn’t need them. She is receiving tube feedings of formula and I think somewhere deep down inside, Avery must be miserable because she’s the already the third best eater in the house (fourth if you count Abby), having leaped over Madison only 6 months into her life. Avery get “hangry” quite often and she’s got to be silently seething over the meager portions offered to her at this stage.

The most important change was that Madison was granted permission to see Avery today. It was her first time seeing her baby sister since last Tuesday. Previously, she’d been whispering to Avery through a windowless back door to Avery’s room. We had taken pictures to show Madison, but she had more vocally bemoaned not being able to see Avery over the past three days or so. We are grateful to the staff at Kapiolani for allowing Madison to see Avery. I will let Madison tell you about it:

Avery has plenty of tubes. I’m pretty happy that I got to see her. I said to Ava that I love her. I’m glad that she’s better and less swollen.I put my hand on her head and pat her on the leg and held her hand. She’s the best sister ever.

I am positive Avery enjoyed Madison’s arrival. After all, Madison is the only one who consistently make Avery laugh. Madison shares all her old toys and clothes with Avery. Madison feeds Avery throughout the day. I hope that Mad’s visit provided a little spark for the Gravy Boat.


One comment on “Madison Visits Avery

  1. Pat Bilyk says:

    So very happy Madison was able to visit! I know Avery appreciated it!
    Glad to hear Avery is doing a bit better! You are all in my prayers. Hugs

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