Good News for Avery

1Yesterday and today are the best consecutive days Avery’s had since she’s been in the hospital. In a few minutes, I will let Lynnette take the wheel of this entry and deliver all of the technicalities. What I can tell you is Avery’s looking much better. The swelling in her legs and arms has nearly subsided completely. She’s cruising just diaper and no shirt just like a true Higa. She was given the fancy yellow ankle socks by the staff and are a nod to her grandmother Karen Higa, who cannot walk around her house – or anyone’s house – in the bare feet she was born with.

Good news!  Our little Avery was switched from the oscillator to a conventional ventilator (breathing machine) yesterday and she’s been tolerating it ever since.  Today, her doctor will remove the chest tube that was inserted to help re-inflate her lungs about a week ago since it hasn’t drained anything in the past 3 days.  Plans for today also include turning off the medicine that paralyzes her.  The Gravy Boat will still have continuous medicine that calms her as well as pain medication, so she’ll still be “asleep” while on the ventilator.  With the paralyzing medicine off, we can expect her to be making some movements as well as efforts to cough out whatever secretions are in her lungs.  I’ve already told the staff that Avie tends to express excitement by rubbing her feet together, so they can keep a close watch on any tubes or equipment near her legs.  Her doctor also increased the amount of feeding she is currently receiving, so I’m sure her tummy will be grateful.

If everything goes well, this will be the first significant corner Avery will turn. Her cheeks are taking their rightful place as the roundest features on her face. When I look at her, I can see my old Gravy returning. I am trying to temper my excitement and expectations; my paranoid, cynical nature will not allow out-and-out celebration. But still. This is awesome. Thank you all for your continued support of Avery and our family.


3 comments on “Good News for Avery

  1. Joanne Fong says:

    Thank you for sharing Avery’s progress with us, I am so happy to hear she is getting better. My thoughts & prayers are with you & the family. All my love,
    Aunty Jo

  2. Joyce Tanji says:

    My prayer right now is for Phil and Lynette. Dear Lord, please give them rest. I pray that they will sleep well at night. Please give them more energy during the day with more vibrant spirit. Please continue to heal Avery so their load will lighten. Replenish them with peace and rest. In Jesus’ name, Amen.🌸

  3. Gabby says:

    So amazing!!!!!!!!!!! So very happy! This is big news!!!!!

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