Chubby Giiiiiiiiiirl?

I know that it must be difficult to believe that any child of Phil and Lynnette Higa could purposely try to avoid eating, yet here we are.

3The muscles in Avery’s cheeks and lips are tight from a lack of use. She doesn’t seem eager to reclaim her title of “Fastest Eater in the House”, either, as she constantly rejects the bottle before being painstakingly talked into it. She only drinks an ounce or two at a time, and her current record is 3 ounces. Pre-illness, she was whacking 4-ounce bottles in less than 5 minutes. Tonight Lynnette held Avery for 30 minutes so she could drink a little over an ounce.

Ironically, however, Avery’s gained weight since she’s been in the hospital. Initially she got her nutrition intravenously. Then, when the doctors inserted a feeding tube, they were concerned that she might lose weight and/or not grow physically, so they hooked her up with 24 calorie per ounce formula rather than the 20 cal/ounce standard. This slight dietary adjustment and an overall lack of exercise has resulted in Avery wresting the mantle of “Chubby” from Cole Boy. For Avery, the summer of 2016 is bulking season.

I’m sure that the extra weight will melt right off when she gets home and starts rolling around and trolling Cole again. That’s where we are: her return home looks inevitable rather than questionable or doubtful. For now, she’s a great roommate. I’m starting my second week with her and I have no complaints. In fact, I’ll share a little story with you…

Very early Friday morning Avery woke me up. Avery snores, but that’s not what this was. It sounded like she was grunting with each breath, just like she did when we brought her into the ER that second time. I didn’t want to overreact and I was pretty tired so I just listened at first. Her labored breathing continued. Just as I was about to get up, she stopped. A beat or two passed. Then, she unleashed the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard an infant drop. The grunting ended. I laughed. “Clown,” I whispered. She went right back to snoring.


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