The Family That Plays Together

It’s been a tough week for Avery. We don’t know why she’s so hostile toward her bottle. We also don’t know why what she is eating is causing her digestive system so much grief. She feels so miserable that she cries if anyone puts her down and if someone carries her, but tilts her past a 45-degree angle. Yesterday was the first time she was able to sit without crying and the credit has to go to her twin brother.

12When Lynnette first sat on the floor Avery insisted on sitting in Lynnette’s lap. Mem tried to slide her off onto the mat, but Gravy wasn’t having it. I took all of the toys from Avery’s bed and laid them out on the mat. We were waiting for Cole.

Madison takes Cole on walks throughout the floor. When they returned to the room Madison brought Cole down to the floor level. All of the brightly colored toys caught his eye quickly and he reached for them before Madison had the chance to sit.

Cole has always been a toy thief. He’s made a career of scoping out the toy Avery’s playing with, then taking it from her. Perhaps Avery remembered this because she seemed to forget about her laps-only policy when Lynnette slid her to the mat. Cole and Avery sat a few feet apart, interacting through strange noises (mostly Cole) and glances of disdain (all Avery). They touched several times because both wanted to play the piano at the same time.

I don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner, but I have not seen Avery’s spirits lifted so quickly by anyone else. Madison’s high-pitched Avery makes her smile, and Lynnette and Mama always calm her down. Still, I wonder what Avery sees when she looks at Cole. He’s such a simple, sweet boy, but when Avery looks at him, growls at him… something about Cole lights something inside of her.

Yesterday Lynnette propped Avery up on her legs and sang made-up lyrics to the Slippery Fish song like she always does to calm the twins.  But before she could finish her first verse, Cole crawled over to where the two were, then began to climb on Lynnette at Avery’s expense. Avery didn’t cry, though. She grunted and fought for her position. Cole seemed to bring out Avery’s competitive nature, the part that’s always been the strongest. That fire is why she’s always beat up Cole, trolled Cole so well, and it’s why she’s been able to fight, and is still fighting.


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