Maybe This is the Week

The bad news is that Avery’s feeding tube is back in. It’s not major step back, it’s simply a necessity since she isn’t eating enough to properly nourish herself. The good news is that there’s talk of Avery being released as soon as this Wednesday.

1I’ve been told that the most recent CT scans and x-rays look good. She’s finishing her final round of antibiotics, and she’s very aware and responsive. Apparently, she’s decided to celebrate by never sleeping. I graded essays from 7-9:30 last night in the cafeteria. I heard her familiar cries as soon as I entered the area where her room is.

Really long story short – she didn’t sleep until three in the morning and she got up as I left for work this morning. I don’t know what’s going on with her. She’s so clingy and she has no use for sleep. I asked a nurse this morning if this kind of behavior is common. “Every kid is different,” she said. “But Avery was OK the other night. But last night she didn’t want to sleep at all,” she continued.

Well, first thing’s first. I hope she is able to come home with us this week. It would be a nice treat on a three-day weekend. I’ll probably wait until then to write another update. Thank you all for continuing to keep Avery and our family in your thoughts and prayers. We’re in what we hope is the final leg of this insane journey.

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