Regression to the Mean

Last night Madison and I spent a couple of hours in Kaka’ako trying for rare Pokemon. Nobody cool showed up while we were there (no one ever does) and we headed home at about 10:30. My route home is somewhat inefficient. It takes me past Ala Moana Beach Park; through the boat harbor behind the Hawaii Prince Hotel; along the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hale Koa, and Fort DeRussy; down Kalakaua Avenue, through Kapiolani Park past the aquarium; and finally up Kapahulu Avenue before getting on the freeway. There were no rare Pokemon on that line, either. On the way back to Mililani we passed Kapiolani Hospital. First the towering parking structure, then the new wing, followed by the void left by the recently demolished building, and finally the main building. It’s massive from the outside. I teared up a little, because I could drive past it rather than to it.

5We stayed in this weekend. The concerns over the hurricane and the fact that Avery can’t be submerged in water for a week ruled out the pool and beach. But I’ll take that over planning around hospital visits. We left the house for lunch at my parents’ house and errands. Otherwise, we’ve been at home cleaning and enjoying the feels-like-new situation of a family at full force.

Avery’s been fine during the day, but has brought home her nighttime demon alter ego. When the sun goes down she becomes extremely clingy and whiny. When it’s time for bed, she cries for hours until she falls asleep. Lynnette’s been really great with her, but I hope Avery readjusts soon.

I assume that things will return to normal quickly. I’ll stay late after classes end in order to get work done. This should free up our weekends. Sadly, I’ll have to sit through traffic in the mornings and afternoons again, but I feel like that’s a small price to pay.

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