Moving Right Along

Since I no longer have the solitude of the hospital cafeteria to do school work, I’ve had to adjust by staying late after work to grade. I haven’t written anything all week because I only see twins for about two hours  before they go to bed. This sucks, obviously, but it makes the week fly by and makes the weekends seem incredibly important.

The twins wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This counts as sleeping in for me, so I take them into the living room and let Lynnette sleep for an extra couple of hours. She’s the overnight nurse so I am glad to let her sleep in a bit. Cole, Avery, and I watch college football on Saturday morning and the NFL on Sundays. Cole and Avery were treated to something special this morning every time NFL Red Zone showed footage from the Cowboys game. I screamed the entire time, the only difference was the tone. They also got to hear their very first “DALLLEESSSEE!” today.

12Avery’s sleep habits are getting better. She’s waking up less frequently according to Lynnette, and she’s much less of a murderous psychopath when she does wake. Our electricity bill is going to be outrageous next month because we’ve had to run the living room and bedroom AC through the night. It’s so hot and muggy in our house that none of us can sleep comfortable without the heaven that is AC. The trade off is that Avery’s nose hates AC. Her nose goes off and a thick stream of yuck runs down her face. Of course Avery hates having her nose touched in any way – it probably gives her flashbacks to her stay in the hospital – so we’ve got that going for us. She’s still prone to fits of rage but I can’t tell if that’s a residual effect of her 7 weeks at Kapiolani or just inherited behavior from the Pascua genepool.

Cole’s got all of us excited because it seems like he’s very close to taking his first steps. He can stand unaided for a few moments. He’s started to transfer between standing surfaces, like taking one step in going from the gate* before leaning into the couch. He’s also standing, then doing the one-step-fall thing. He’s really close. I have to admit that I’d forgotten how exciting all of that first _________ stuff can be. Whenever he pushes off the couch to stand alone I start cheering for him. He smiles and he rocks his body. He seems so proud just to be standing at all. Maybe all my cheering is counter-productive. I don’t know. I can’t wait to see him start walking.

*Last week Lynnette finally got tired of watching Cole climb into the laundry baskets and over the plastic bins that bordered their living room play area. She disappeared for a few hours and returned with a plastic gate. You can see it in the video below. It takes up much less space than our old barrier. Another bonus is that when they’re standing along the gate and screaming at us from inside, it looks like the zombie apocalypse. Endearing, really.

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