Cole’s First Steps!

3Avery was alone in the play area when I got home. She smiled when she looked up and saw me. It was the novelty. It wears off quickly. Cole was getting a bath so I plopped down next to Gravy. She was gnawing on Piplup’s head. I propped her up on my stomach. “How was your day?” I asked. “What did you do?” I asked. She smiled, squealed, and rocked her body back and forth. “Sounds like fun!” I said.

When Cole emerged from the bathroom in Lynnette’s arms I shouted his name and shot him with my Bullet Club hand pistol. He made loud, mostly unintelligible noises. Once he was dressed Lynnette turned him loose and the Sun God crawled toward Avery and me then dove at us. I’m usually the one taking the pictures of everyone else so I’m so happy that Lynnette caught this one of those precious 5 minutes when everyone misses Daddy before they realize they don’t. It’s like coming home to puppies. Except they’re human.

Of great note is that Cole took his first steps tonight. He’d been working his way up to it for the last few days. He leaned on the couch and turned to face me. I was a foot or two away. “C’mon, Cole Boy,” I said. He gave me the Evil Cole grin. He squared his shoulders to face me and pushed off the couch into a standing position. “Ho, not the unaided standing pose, ah?” I said reflexively. Yes. Yes, I do hate myself. I clapped my hands and offered encouragement. He took three steps before falling into my outstretched arms. I was too excited to remember what I said, but I’m almost positive it was a chee huu! I don’t know how any of this happened to me.

I just spent the last half hour trying to record a better video than the one I posted to Facebook. It didn’t really work out. He actually took four steps but I wasn’t recording him that time. The clip below is the best of the ones I got tonight. I have fondly titled “Screw Your Blog, Dad”. Enjoy.


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