Return of Kiddie Pool Sundays

12One of the things we missed out on when Avery was sick was lunch at my parents’ house on Sundays. We’ve been back each of the last three weekends and we’ve also revived our tradition of beating the heat with the kiddie pool. Back when Madison was much smaller (and my parents’ only grandchild) my father would fill the pool in his backyard. Madison was always a water baby so she could sit and splash around in there all afternoon. Eventually, she outgrew that pool and moved on to Mililani Rec centers and the beach.

Cole and Avery look to be following in Madison’s footsteps. Both love sitting in the water and splashing around in waist-deep water. Tanya and Matty bought a splash pad which we set up alongside the pool. Cole’s favorite thing to do in the pool is splash, even if he forgets that this means he’ll be flying water into his own face. He always forgets, splashes the surface of the water, then is shocked when his face is covered with drops of water. He always gets over it and continues splashing away happily. Avery, though, appears to enjoy drinking the water. She sucks the water out of the absorbent balls. She positions herself in such a way that will allow her to drink as if from a fountain when she’s seated in the splash pad. It’s hilarious.

It’s the best when Declan and Madison are in the pool and on the pad, too. I’m grateful that Cole and Avery are able to enjoy such simply things that Madison did, that Matty, Paul, and I did.

Aside: The Cowboys beat the Bears today. Dak Prescott threw his first touchdown pass to Dez Bryant who predictably threw up the X. But that wasn’t the best catch of the day. Nope. Not even close. Today, I turned in the best highlight.


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