It’s Official: Cole and Avery Join the Playground Tour Squad

Technically, the twins have accompanied us to playgrounds before, but they’ve never actually been able to do anything. I set Cole down on a faux-wooden platform the minute we arrived at the playground and Lynnette quickly placed Avery down alongside him. I chuckled to myself. Had Cole and Avery been our first children, there’s no way Lynnette would have allowed them on the playground without covering them in sunscreen, 3 layers of clothing, and bubble wrap. You might want to sit down for this next part: yesterday neither of the twins even had shoes on. I know. But she’s still Lynnette as far as I know.

12We made the trip out to the renowned Aikahi Elementary playground. Its best features are its sprawling field turf surface (perfect for kids who run and 10-month olds who kind-of walk) and its large, numerous play structures. It’s a drive but well worth it if you’ve got fans of playgrounds in your family.

Initially, Cole and Avery weren’t quite sure what to do as they sat on the unfamiliar surface. Cole dragged his fingertips across the plasti-wood and got into a crawling position after a few moments. He was fine after that. Avery, though, appeared more taken with the leaves and fibrous debris which had fallen from the trees. She tried to pick them out of the spaces between slats with her tiny fingers. She was hell-bent on eating something she wasn’t supposed to and she eventually succeeded. At some point she ate a small leaf. Neither Lynnette nor I saw her do it, but we saw it later when Avery spat it up. Let’s chalk that up to a lesson learned – but not for Avery, who tried to eat more detritus even after her unpleasant experience during lunch. My first instinct was to label her “just as stubborn as her mother”, but then again I’m the one who’s lactose-intolerant and insists on eating Domino’s and Costco pizza even though I know it’s going to destroy my insides.

43Cole’s getting the hang of the walking thing. He can go 7 or 8 steps totally upright before falling back to earth. Lynnette was able to coax him into walking to her from his seat at the edge of the low platform.

Avery’s not quite there yet, but she does try very hard to stand whenever she can. She hates to be crowded during playtime, she prefers instead to be left alone to crawl and stand on her own.

Both Cole and Avery saw their very first chicken yesterday and they were mesmerized. They sat in silent stillness, only their heads moving to track the movement of the chicken as it strolled from right to left across the playground. Later, when the pigeons arrived during the lunch hour, Cole popped up on his knees and yelled at them. His noises didn’t sound hostile. In fact, I told Lynnette Cole resembled one of those smaller animals in a nature documentary. You know the one – it stands up as tall as it can and makes noises to alert the rest of its tribe to the presence of a predator. Well, it was that or Cole was trying to communicate with his new feathered best friend.

Aside from that, we learned that Cole and Avery like going down the slide. Their big sister Madison has a fear of slides because she hates hates hates hates hates static electricity. But Mad put that aside for the sake of the twins enjoyment. It was a very Higa thing to do and I am proud of her:


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