A Weekend Of New

12Lynnette’s cousin Jenn took Madison to dinner on Friday night. Both Cole’s and Avery’s noses have been a little runny so I told Lynnette I would head out to pick up dinner. Before I could, though, Jenn messaged Lynnette and told her that she would be happy to watch the twins while we went to dinner, if we could wait until they got back. I was already pretty hungry, but you can’t really put a price on eating in a restaurant without having to pin your infant child in the wall of a both between the back cushion, the side wall, and your ass. What I’m trying to say is that we waited.

My smart and beautiful wife suggested Izakaya Kei for dinner. There are two items pictured here and three more that are not and the both of us left satisfied. For my part, I suppose life is just mostly about getting through each day, so as we walked through the crowded Pearl Kai parking lot, I did not realized the gravity of this particular Friday night. I made some comment that I can’t remember, but I think there might have been some rough language in there. “Can you not speak like that?” Lynnette said. “It’s date night.” I laughed. “Look, you gotta take ’em where you can get ’em,” she said. She was right.

I think, however, our relationship – our love –  is best illustrated by our last order of the night. We were both 85%-90% full, but since it was Date Night, we wanted to get to 100%. I both sat there holding menus as our server walked over to check on us. “Just order the roll, already” Lynnette said. She was referring to the Rainbow Roll Deluxe. She knows my heart. When it came down to the last four pieces I said “You take those two with the hamachi. I already had some.” “You sure? I was actually going to say something,” she said. “Yeah, go ahead,” I said. Now, I want to make this very clear: All this anecdote is intended to show is that we know each other. It does not make any claims  about mind reading. I would never do that. Yes, those last three sentences were meant exclusively for Lynnette.

43On Saturday we hit up Ka Makana Ali’i, the new mall in Kapolei. The name of the mall is certainly a mouthful and I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I’ve already spent roughly ten minutes trying to figure out how we locals are going to abbreviate the name in the same way that Ala Moana is “Alaz” and Pearlridge is simply “Pearlz”. It’s probably going to end up being “KMA” but my heart hopes for “Ka Makanz”, if for no other reason that the sake of consistency.

As yet, there’s nothing revolutionary about the mall – a bunch of stores and eateries have yet to open, so I’ll reserve judgment. It does boast a Five Guys, one of those crab pot places, both an Old Navy and a Skechers (my personal sponsors), and perhaps most importantly, an H&M. Now we will no longer need to battle eastbound traffic and Waikiki parking lots for our fix of trendy and reasonably priced clothing. We’ll probably be back in a month or so, just before the Christmas season kicks off.

We followed up the brand new mall with that oldest of family errands, the weekly trip to Costco. Cole got fussy near the end of our run so I took him out of the stroller and set him on the concrete seats built around the stone pillars fronting the entrance. I literally said “Here’s something new for you, boy,” as I stood him up and made sure he propped himself up against the wall. When he had adjusted to the cool concrete beneath his feet and the rough stone at his fingertips, he smiled and squealed. I wanted to memorialize his happiness forever by taking a picture of it, but I got my camera out just in time to snap this picture of Cole licking the pillar instead. “Cole Boy!” I shouted. He was startled and backed off the wall. Then he looked at me and kissed it again. I was promptly returned to his stroller. This is why we can’t have nice things, guys.

In keeping with the theme of this entry, I’ve included this short clip of the twins’ new trick, which is clapping. It also features Avery’s new favorite hobby in the whole wide world. Enjoy!

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