Not Completely Under the Weather

The twins have runny noses and Avery has a fever. Madison was the first of them to get sick and so far Lynnette and I have resisted illness. I’ve been feeling pre-sick for the last three afternoons and evenings but have combated that with a number of medicines in hopes that the viruses inside of me feel bullied by the extreme cocktail of chemicals coursing through my body and just decide to give up. It’s that or I’m going to be sick this weekend and hate life. The runny noses and fever haven’t stopped Cole and Avery doing them, though.

2At some time during the last week Cole started favoring walking rather than crawling and he’s been testing it out ever since. He can walk in a straight line; make sharp turns; stop, then pick up items off the floor, then stand and walk again; and make it across the play area completely. He’s so impressed with himself that sometimes he walks with is head down because he’s watching his feet. He laughs and squeals watching his porky hooves disappear, appear, disappear, appear beneath him. He often bumps into things as a result.

At night he usually falls asleep at my side. First, I open my Instagram account and play for him all of the videos of him and/or Avery. There’s one he loves above all the rest. I play that one last and the sounds of younger versions of Avery and himself hit him right in the feels. He smiles, laughs, and always attempts to talk back to his younger self and younger younger sister. Then, when we’ve taken care of that, I turn him on his side and begin patting his thigh. For a week, I’ve been singing what I call the “Nonsense Song”. It’s a song that moves quickly but it rhymes and features names I think would be familiar to him. There is no set tune, and it amounts to me freestyling gibberish. A portion of the “Nonsense Song” may sound like:

There’s a broom in a room and it’s headed for outer space.
It’s going to sweep up the stars and put ’em in our cars
so we can brighten up our days.
But the stars are too hot just like your Mem and we can’t hold them for too long.
Gravy’s gonna cry and Mad’s gonna whine, so we have to sing this song.

And I will just do this until Cole falls asleep. It usually takes a minute or two.

1Gravy has not begun walking yet, but Madison and I have seen her start to build the courage. Last night Madison shouted when she witnessed Avery lean off of the Lion Walker, take one tiny step, then dive into the couch. It’s progress.

She likes to play with what we call the “DJ Station” as pictured behind her in this picture. She enjoys propping herself up against the wall. My favorite thing is when she’s leaning against the wall in this way and the Hot Dog Song plays. She bobs her body up and down and sometimes the back of her head gently hits the wall. Then, it’s as if Avery thinks that’s cool because she appears to make a more specific effort to continue tapping the wall. But maybe it’s just the song she loves so much. Even if I just sing it out loud at random, there’s an 80% chance that she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to bounce along to the monotone droning of my voice.

I get paranoid – for obvious reasons – whenever Avery displays the slightest hint of illness. I worry and get all clingy with her and this seems to irritate her more than anything else. When I got home yesterday, she sat quietly on the floor of the play area. I plopped down next to her and said “Whatcha doing, Gravy?” she turned away. When I shouted dramatically as a response to her shunning, she didn’t reply. When I scooped her up in preparation to sit her on my tummy, she fussed and twisted her body. She didn’t want anything to do with me. Say what you will about her immune system, but this fever hasn’t debilitated her ability to troll her father, that’s for sure.



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