Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 has come and gone and it isn’t even 8 PM yet. I don’t know if the Holiday Monger was satisfied by this Monday version of the event, but she’s not screaming at any of us, so I’m going to safely assume that she’s OK.

1Madison decided to go as Bulbasaur this year, but changed things up by opting for a Bulbasaur dress. The purist in me did not like this turn of events – her Pikachu and Charizard costumes the past two years were faithful to the characters – but Madison insisted. “I’m not a kid, anymore,” she said that day in early September when we browsed Amazon. “But it doesn’t even really look like Bulbasaur,” I said. “It does, dad, for a girl!” Madison shot back. So I bit my tongue and ordered the dress. This means Squirtle is the only original Pokemon starter Madison hasn’t dressed up as. Considering that she’ll be 9 the next time Halloween rolls around, I’m not sure she’s going to get here. But that’s fine because she spends every day of the rest of the year acting like Charizard. She’s a little bummed right now because no one’s available to check her newly acquired candy. “There’s plenty of candy in the pantry,” I said, because there is. “Yeah, but it’s not the same,” she said. Her candy-gathering was truncated by the twins, but she has more than enough candy; she’ll never eat it all. Besides, by this weekend we’ll be at a store and have memorized the 4 candies she didn’t get on Halloween and beg me to buy them when we’re in the story because “but dad, we don’t have that one at home.”

54The night started with so much promise! Lynnette and I were able to find cute and affordable (not necessarily in that order) fox and owl costumes for Cole and Avery, respectively. It kept with the original themes we chose before they were even born. Neither Cole nor Avery put up much of a fuss as we put them in their costumes. If anything, I wish I’d taken more pictures of them – especially of Cole rooting around the living room like a scavenger looking for morsels of food.

We tried our very best to make tonight an enjoyable experience for the twins, including resorting to the trick we know always works with them: giving them things they know don’t belong to them. Avery was given a packet of unpopped popcorn and Cole was provided with a small icepack. For about 10 minutes they were more than willing to sit on the stairs and let their horrible parents snap picture after picture. I am sure if Lynnette had the time and resources, she would have made the stairs to look like a forested landscape complete with foliage and a motion-activated brook, but alas, she would have to settle for the carpet being brown. I took the red plastic wagon out of the garage and out of retirement and strapped Cole in. He was too busy sucking on his icepack to care. Avery on the other hand, preferred transportation by mom.

23They didn’t make it 30 minutes outside before things fell apart. For a few moments, it looked like things were going to work. They were content to be pulled around the neighborhood and watch the other kids walk past them. The sun just set too close to their bedtime. Cole and Avery got hungry about 10 minutes past 7 and we made bottles and fed them. Avery fell asleep in Lynnette’s arms and Cole passed out in the wagon. Eventually, though, he got fussy and I had to carry him. Madison’s bag went into the wagon and so ended her night of trick-or-treating.

Cole’s caught his second wind, however, and he’s sitting in the living room with Mad. They’re watching yet another episode of the Mickey Mouse Club House. His binkie is bouncing up and down as it dangles from his mouth, but he shows no signs of sleeping soon.

Maybe next year will be the year when we have the time, resources, and will to make an epic collection of costumes for all of us, Abby included. I’m so down to go as Use  Your Illusion-era GNR as long as I get to be Axl in the kilt and chest protector. That means Lynnette has to be Slash. Obviously, this would mean Madison as Duff McKagan. And then Cole is a perfect Matt Sorum on drums and then I guess at that point it doesn’t matter if Avery wants to be Izzy Stradlin or Dizzy Reed since we have both a toy guitar and keyboard. Again. I don’t care. As long as I’m Axl. And I get to sing “Yesterdays”.



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