Errands and Food (But Mostly Errands)

Lynnette’s #*th’s birthday weekend extravaganza rolled on into Saturday. As promised, it was filled with more food and drink that Lynnette’s heart desired. But those delights were fit in between errands because that’s life. She’s agreed to help me tell the tale of her indulgent Birthday Saturday. Her words are in blue.

1“Do you want to go to a LuLaRoe pop-up?” Lynnette asked as we were en route to Ala Moana (as previously planned). “Where is it?” I asked. “Kaimuki,” Lynnette said. “Sure. It’s your day,” I said. I meant it. We got to Ala Moana and parked the van in a shady spot. “It was already 11. “We should have gone to Kaimuki first,” I said. Cole and Avery were asleep. “You want to?” Lynnette asked. “Let’s go,” I said. We paid $5 to park in the St. Patrick’s parking lot. I saw Uncle Lani’s Poi Mochi. I saw tents. “Wait.” I said. “I swear I didn’t know,” Lynnette said. It’s her birthday weekend. I cannot be mad at her.

To be completely honest, the post I saw on Facebook described it as an “Aliiolani Vendor Event” with 11 LuLaRoe booths.  With a specific print in mind, I couldn’t pass it up.  Finding out that it was actually a Craft Fair was an added bonus. Madison and I left with some awesome finds and the twins were well behaved the entire time.  We’ll find Phil a LuLaRoe men’s top soon, I’m sure.   

3We doubled back to Ala Moana after the sweat fest in Kaimuki. We plopped down on some cushioned seats in Bloomingdale’s and fed the twins. The AC was delicious. We ran those infamous errands rather than take our time through the mall. We still had other cats to skin, fish to fry, and other animals to do other things to. Before we left, though, we let Cole and Avery out of the stroller to walk around on the fake grass outside of Bloomingdale’s. They loved it and basically swore at us when we put them back in the stroller.

As mentioned in a previous post, Cole LOVES the water and anything associated with it.  We brought the kids to see the koi, and of course, Cole was mesmerized.  He stared as they swam by and babbled as if they were old friends. When it was time to leave the fish, he threw an epic temper tantrum.  It’s only a matter of time until you find us in a viral video featuring Cole happily swimming in the koi pond as we try to explain the situation to Ala Moana security.

4The main event, of course, was lunch. “Ooohh, Piggy Smalls!” Lynnette said as we passed Ward Centre on our way to Ala Moana (the first time). The kind of food served at Piggy Smalls is not something I would choose – especially with 2 sushi places and Pa’ina Cafe a short walk away – but I told Lynnette Madison and I would find something to eat because she’d been dying to eat there and it was her birthday.

Piggy Smalls, the little brother to The Pig & The Lady. Try the loaded potato beignets and the L.F.C. (Laotian Fried Chicken).  I love their Asian spin on comfort food.  The flavors and textures are so multi-dimensional, and your tongue will thank you for it.  Madison and I split the Milk and Honey dessert, and she attempted to scoop all the melted frozen custard and cake crumbs after I thought we had finished it. Phil offered to eat here again on a future date night.  We all win.  

5“Do you want Baldwin’s?” Lynnette asked coyly, quietly on our way back toward Mililani. “What?” I asked. I heard her the first time, but she just at dessert. I needed confirmation. She asked again. “Yes,” I said. Shave ice really did sound like a great idea. “Magic Moutain?” I countered. We still had a to make a Costco run. “Ah, you rolling the dice if that place is open,” Lynnette said. I found out later what she really meant was “Magic Mountain doesn’t have crack seed and I want rock salt plum.” I should have known.

I’ve never heard  of a one-dessert-limit-after-lunch type of rule.  Have you?  Besides, it’s my birthday weekend.  And I’m not gonna try to hide it–I ate my salted caramel pudding from CPK tonight because I didn’t get around to it yesterday.


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