Happy 1st Birthday, Cole!


1Cole was born a year ago today. That seems impossible and yet here we are.

When I was told I would have a son, my head was still spinning from being told weeks earlier that we would be having twins. Before we gave him a name, he was dubbed “Baby A” by doctors and nurses and ultrasound techs. You can image how terribly this confused me when we decided to go with Avery as the name for Baby B. Baby A is NOT Avery, I had to tell myself over and over.

He was a chubby boy almost immediately upon being brought home from the hospital. At his four month check up we learned we had been overfeeding him. Mom and Dad’s bad, buddy.

2We ordered Cole an ice cream cake for his birthday, as ice cream cake is the standard offering for a family birthday. I took it out of the freezer to defrost and 15 minutes later Madison screamed that the cake was falling apart. I have never seen a Baskin-Robins cake melt like this, but anyway, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to sing happy birthday, so we just belted it out quickly (of course we still dropped in the “Wooooooos!”). Both Cole and Avery looked absolutely captivated by the sounds of their father, mother, and sister singing in three different keys – all terribly. Get used to it, kids. You’ll be joining our chorus one day.

3Cole Joseph is a happy kid. I had trouble sleeping last night and Cole woke up at about 3:30 in the morning. I was in and out of sleep so when Lynnette pulled him out of the playpen and placed him next to me I felt his chubby thigh pressed up against my back. I thought he was going to sleep, but he started babbling to himself. Then his started rocking his body. Then he sat up. “Hey, it’s bedtime, buddy,” I whispered. He replied with a high-pitched noise. “Let’s go to sleep,” I said, tilting him back on his pillow. “It’s almost as if he knows it’s his birthday,” Lynnette said from the other side of the bed. Maybe he did.

Cole’s favorite non-binky hobbies include tearing diaper wipes apart, running back and forth atop the couch, playing with Madison, climbing anything, changing the channel during a pivotal moment of the movie or game I am watching, and waterplay. Waterplay is his favorite thing in the world. My single favorite thing about Cole, though, is the collection of sounds he makes while engaged in any of these activities. It’s pure joy. Sometimes the squeals resemble the noises a person might make when they know they’re getting away with something.

Having learned the lesson with Madison, we did not spend lavishly on a birthday gift. We went practical and got him something he’ll love – at least for a while longer:

Cole Joseph,
Like many of the things I’ve wanted in my life, I had to wait for you. I am – as of this writing – a huge believer in the importance of timing, as well as our overall lack of control of it. Perhaps a few years ago I would have had more energy for you; maybe a few years from now I would be more settled, financially stable. But none of that matters. A year ago you came into my life and you’ve brought me so much happiness. One of the best parts of my day is when you walk toward me wearing that silly grin, then dive into my chest. I look forward to sharing this next year with you. I love you so much, son. I hope you hold on to that joy of yours for as long as you possibly can.


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