Cole & Avery’s 1st Birthday Party

21Lynnette and I started vague planning for Cole and Avery’s first birthday party at the end of the last school year and into the summer. Our priority was keeping costs down. We know we’re going to have to pay for double pre-school soon. Madison’s supposed to get a cell phone in the next five years. We can see the financial strain on the horizon and slightly beyond it. We looked at rec centers, side rooms in restaurants, came up with hot dog bars, sandwich bars, and food truck catering. We thought maybe we’d just invite our immediate family.

But Avery got sick in July and well, all of our plans for the future seemed moot. In a matter of days, the present tense superseded everything else. We didn’t speak of a party for the 7 weeks Avery was at Kapiolani. When Avery finally came home, we were still reeling for a few weeks; we were still trying to return to our “normal” lives.

Lynnette and I resumed our talks about the twins’ party and we agreed that we’d like it to be a little more than we had originally planned. Lynnette took care of all the logistical issues, made all the Cricut animals, found the favors online, and adapted Pinterest for Cole and Avery. We weren’t able to invite everyone we wanted, but we tried our best to get as many as our loved ones together as possible. One of the most difficult adjustments I had to make as an adult was coming to grips with the fact that it gets harder and harder for people’s schedules to align. It takes a wedding or a baby or a party to get everyone together, so that’s what we did.

There was a moment during lunch yesterday when I did that thing I so rarely do. I was present in the moment. “I wish I could have someone record this,” I said to Lynnette. “Why don’t you?” she said. “Oh, yeah,” I said. Nothing happens in this video. There’s no twist at the end. It doesn’t break into the Mannequin Challenge at some point. There’s nothing remarkable about it – except the part about so many of the people we love being in the same place. Also, Madison is a clown.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know the roller coaster that was Cole and Avery’s first year. Thank you for all your love and support. I am thrilled that you’ll all be able to watch them grow up, and that you’ll all have roles in showing them what friendship and family mean.


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