Avery’s Elusive First Steps

1Avery has finally taken a few steps on her own. The thing is, we haven’t be able to record any of them. She has a preternatural sense of when she’s being recorded and when there are no phones in her vicinity. It is only in the latter scenario that she actually takes a few unassisted steps. I told you. Uber-troll.

She rises on two legs, then looks down at her chubby feet standing alone atop the carpet. It’s at this point that she’s overcome with some mixture of pride and self-satisfaction. She smiles, laughs, and claps – seemingly all at once – and all this commotion usually results in her falling onto her knees or into a crawl. I’ve seen her take steps (about 3) with my own eyes – it’s not an urban legend! We just can’t get her to walk when she’s being recorded.

Yesterday we tried to goad her into walking by waving her bottle of milk a few feet from her face. Well, you can see for yourself how that turned out:

Cole already walks around the play area and some rooms of our home with ease and general coordination. We suspect that some of the delay we’re seeing in Avery has to do with all that time she spent immobilized in the hospital. Still… some day soon, Avery will take a bunch of steps and  I’m actually going to get it recorded. I hope you’ll all be here to help us celebrate.


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