Thanksgiving 2016

I had to re-read last year’s post on Thanksgiving because I don’t remember any of it. The twins were less than a month old and I was in survival mode and a lot has happened between then and now.


Aunt Liana and Uncle Dale from Alaska

Thanksgiving lunch was held at my parents’ house. Once again, my family came through with an incredible spread. My dad’s prime rib was incredible. The turkey/gravy/stuffing/mac salad combo was on par with early Cecilio and Kapono harmonizing. Lynnette’s garlic artichoke cheese bread was so amazing that I knew it was going to destroy my stomach but I ate four pieces anyway.

My aunt Liana and Uncle Dale joined us for lunch. They live in Alaska . They told me it was 6 degrees where they live. What does that even feel like? Anyway, Lynnette and I were glad to see them, to speak with them. They were extremely supportive when Avery got sick over the summer. I wanted them to see Avery at her finest, and the Gravy Boat did not disappoint. She ate an entire ear of corn by herself and refused to take a nap despite being obviously exhausted.


Back in the saddle again!

For the first time in y ears, Lynnette’s parents didn’t spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. We had dinner at their house and despite the presence of poke and crab, I didn’t eat much. Apparently, my body no longer recovers from the roller coaster of insane caloric intake and waste purging as well as it used to. After dinner, Lynnette, two of her cousins, and I drove across the street to Walmart for some light Black Fridaying. I was pretty happy since we weren’t able to make it out last year. We got some Christmas shopping done and further bolstered our sheets collection. I picked up a lightning cable for $2. We didn’t make any big purchases, but I was just happy to be wantonly throwing things into a shopping cart again. It’s been too long.


I guess Madison didn’t want to be left out.

Cole and Avery are asleep.Madison is trying very hard not to join them. Here is an actual conversation that just happened in our living room:

Lynnette: Madison, we’re waking up like we’re going to school tomorrow.
Madison: Why?
Lynnette: …because we’re going Black Friday shopping.
Madison: What?!
Madison: Why does Black Friday even exist?

I wish I had recorded that conversation so I could replay it on a loop in about 5 years when Madison is begging me to take her to H&M or wherever to buy her a boatload of clothes and whatnot. But that looks like the plan, so I hope the twins rest up. Lynnette’s adrenaline is going to get moving and if enough of it makes its way to her brain, she’s going to turn into the Holiday Monger. Ain’t nobody safe then.

The last year has been the most difficult of my life. Every time it seemed like things were clearing up, something else would fall apart and stay broken long enough to make me wonder if the pieces would ever fit the same way again. That’s the thing, I guess. They never fit the same way, no matter how much we want them to. We adapt. We move on. Life is incredible in its simultaneous predictability and randomness. There is a lot of monotony. At times there are ups and downs and valleys and craters and abysses. But I’m still here. I have the love of a wonderful woman and three healthy children. I have a job that allows me to connect the past to the present and – in moments of sublime transcendence – leave my fingerprints on the future. I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I love you and I am grateful for your presence in my life.


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