Black Friday 2016


1We left the house by 9 in the morning. That in itself was a feat I didn’t think we were capable of. I have to be honest – when Lynnette told Mad that we’d be getting up “school early” this morning, I didn’t think it was going to happen. Lynnette likes sleeping in. I thought the pull of the memory foam would be too strong for Lynnette. Little did I know that the shopping yearning created by nearly two years away from Black Friday would pull stronger. We started with coffee and hit Old Navy in Waikele first. While we did get some Christmas shopping done, we also completed a much more important mission: acquiring Cole some long-sleeve shirts and pajamas. No he doesn’t have to wear Madison’s old pink and lavender sweaters to bed.Great job, mom and dad! I also might have acquired a Pokemon Moon and Sun strategy guide from Game Stop. Great job, dad!

2We drove out to Ala Moana next. The traffic in the parking lot was too extreme for both Lynnette’s and Madison’s bladders. They hopped out of the van to find a bathroom and left me with Cole and Avery to drive in upward circles to find parking. We reunited 30 minutes later and they were with Uncle Paul! He was hungry and claimed that he hadn’t eaten since our Thanksgiving lunch, but none of us believed him. He was very generous and treated us to lunch at Islands. I know you’re Avery’s favorite uncle, but Cole might just have a little too much Uncle Matty in him. Thank you, Uncle Paul! I hope that you found all of your domesticated items at Macy’s and didn’t have to wait too long in line to pay.

3Cole and Avery behaved admirably during their first Black Friday experience. They were very well behaved as long as the stroller was in motion. I didn’t make the mistake of letting them see the koi. The last time I thought it would be a nice little treat for Cole to see fish – because he loves them so much – but then he didn’t want to get back into the stroller. They enjoyed the slight drizzle as it fell on their faces. Maybe this is the first and last Black Friday during which they don’t ask for anything other than food. I hope we’ll be able to renew our true Black Friday tradition of little sleep, bad choices, and irresponsible spending. Cole Boy and Gravy must have been wired from all the excitement because they just went to sleep at 9.

4Madison’s been a great help to Lynnette and me. Did you know that Madison is responsible for:

A) making sure the twins’ food bag makes it to and from the van?

B) buckling both Cole and Avery into their car seats?

C)  putting away the twins’ toys every night?

D) feeding Cole and Avery bottles if they get hungry in the middle of a drive?

E) Helping us change the twins if they get too fussy?

F) Keeping an eye (but hopefully two) on the twins while Lynnette and me take care of other things.

She’s a fantastic big sister and earned her “Squishy” today. Don’t ask.

5Lynnette got her Taste Tea fix on the way home. I saw a bunch of former and current students. Madison got a fake loaf of bread. Avery threw up all over herself. Cole didn’t. I’d have to say that it was a pretty successful Black Friday. Even Abby would have to agree since Cole dropped his corn on the cob on the floor and I bought her salmon jerky earlier in the day. It’s been a great weekend and we’ve still got two more days of it! It’s true, I still have to vacuum and do laundry, but the Cowboys have already won this weekend! We still have incredible leftovers! The rain might let up tomorrow! Things are looking up!


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