The Perfect End to Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Lynnette’s cousin Jenn has a friend who owns a property right on the North Shore. He graciously allowed us and the rest of Lynnette’s family access to his beach house today.



In what is truly an amazing turn of events, I saw the four-day Thanksgiving weekend coming and planned accordingly. I graded all my assignments and got my college recommendation list down to six before I left work on Wednesday. I enjoyed this weekend without any of that hanging over my head. This paradise will end tomorrow morning, of course, but it was absolutely beautiful while it lasted.

It was the first time since the first half of summer that all five of us were able to spend more than two days together without work or school getting in the way. It struck me this weekend how quickly Cole and Avery are growing. They nap much less frequently than they used to (or I’d like). Cole just wants to roam the landscape unfettered. Avery loves Mem first and everybody else second. I spent all day and all night with them and I noticed small things about them that I’d been missing. Cole can say “uh-oh” and “wow” and he’s pretty close to being able to say “water” and “bubble”. Avery has figured out that we’re so excited for her to walk – we clap at any step she takes – that she’s started taking just a single step then diving into the closest person. It’s not even walking, it’s mostly emotional manipulation. Madison had a bummer of a weekend because she’s sick, but still managed to turn in an inspiring big sister performance this weekend.


Eh, good enough.

The clounds blanketed the sky and the wind was a little strong. Cole and Avery didn’t last long in the water. They behaved just as you’d imagine: Cole walked and splashed in the water and intermittently shouted and pointed at the ocean. Oddly, she refused to crawl on her knees, opting instead for this style captured above. Would you be surprised if I told you that Avery repeatedly tried to eat sand? Because she did…

I have been guilty of letting my mind wander away from the present. I’ve done that for most of my life. When I was younger, my mind drifted backward to the past. More recently it’s been floating on and on and on into an uncertain future. This weekend, though, was very good for me. Spending so much time with my family forced me into the present tense. I wish I could be a stay-at-home dad. I really do. If you’ve known me for a while or have read this blog for a few years then you know what’s in my heart. I never really wanted to be anything. I never found my passion, let alone a way to work for it or monetize it. Outside of baseball, being a husband and father is the only hard work I’ve ever loved doing. I am so grateful for this weekend, even if I paid the price by adding another 5 pounds.



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