The Holiday Monger Brings Back Christmas Lights!

As my friend Brett would sing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, all the live-long day…”

1I don’t remember the last time we put up Christmas lights but I know we didn’t last year. A year ago, we had newborn twins and I couldn’t turn on the living room light, let alone string up some colorful beauties along the front of our home. I didn’t do it this year, either. Lynnette and Madison did.

I was inside the house writing some cards, watching the twins, and watching AJ Styles defend his WWE Championship against Dean Ambrose on TLC. It must be said: AJ Styles’ backflip-into-reverse-DDT and 450-splash are incredible. He’s the best wrestler in the world.

Anyway, a handful of families near us put up lights as well as the “laser lights” as Madison calls them. They’re basically just projectors, but Madison thinks lasers are cooler and I tend to agree. Well, as you might know, we have a Holiday Monger in our family and to my surprise, she never once mentioned putting lights up. All it took, however, was a single trip to the Christmas zone in Target to get that Holiday adrenaline and/or competitive juices flowing like egg nog or pumpkin spice latte or McRib sauce or whatever other seasonal liquid you like. She picked up a snowflake projector (as pictured above) and some new hooks for the lights we already had. At some point this afternoon Madison and Lynnette disappeared down the stairs for a while, leaving Cole, Avery, Abby, and alone – save for the sounds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and TLC. “How do they look?” I asked when Lynnette returned. “Ehh,” she said.

I knew then that the lighting job either must have been totally unsatisfactory or fallen short of Lynnette’s expectations. After all, NO decorations are too shabby for the Holiday Monger’s optimism. I checked it out later when I took out the trash. It’s not a lot of lights, so I can see where the Monger is disappointed. Hopefully we can add to our collection in three weeks when all that stuff goes on sale. Madison is thrilled. This is already an improvement over last year. Someday, maybe our home will be lit (fam) the way that the Holiday Monger has always dreamed of in the peppermint sweetness of her pine-scented heart.

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