Cole and Avery at 13 Months

1I think I’m done writing individual entries on the twins’ monthdays. Cole and Avery are growing, learning, and developing every day and also I have a horrible habit of forgetting that the 9th is Cole’s Monthday until pretty late in the night. I’m no Cal Ripken, Jr.; I’m not going to be able to  keep this streak going.

Besides, Cole and Avery are growing and learning and developing every day. While it’s true that I’ve mostly forgotten was it was like to raise a toddler, I do have vague, uncomfortable memories of a mobile Madison getting into things she shouldn’t have and out of places she shouldn’t have. I suck at math, but I feel like if you go head and multiply that by two, you end up in some trouble. Even now, Cole and Avery are beginning to despise sitting in the stroller when we go out. Cole can tolerate it, but Avery hates the stroller so much. She can’t even walk, she just wants to be held – and only by Lynnette. Perhaps it is justice as she is proving to be just as high maintenance as her mother.

They’re so different.Cole wants to be put down. He loves the freedom of walking around and exploring new places. Today, when we were taking pictures for our Christmas cards, he was so happy to walk down the hallways of the Royal Hawaiian. I followed close behind with the stroller until he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at me, then pointed at the window of one of the shops. “Oh, you like that shirt?” I said of the one hanging on the mannequin. As I got closer and cut the angle down I could see what he was really thrilled about: a four-light ceiling fan going full-blast.

On Friday I showed a picture of Madison, Cole, and Avery to one of the women who works in the cafeteria. She took my phone, zoomed in on Avery and paused for a second. “She’s fat!” she said. I laughed. “You guys feed her too much!” she continued. She’s not wrong. Avery doesn’t know when to say when. This is how she’s most like me. She eats until she’s uncomfortable, then she gets downright intolerable if it’s hot and she’s tired. This is the story of my adult life.

One of the things they do have in common, however, is their love of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They both dance to the “Hot Dog” song and will stop dead in their tracks if Madison cues up one of the 2,300 or so episodes of the show we’ve DVR’d. In fact, a fight broke out today because Avery changed the channel back to ESPN. Cole was upset by this and even more upset that she wouldn’t give up the remote:

If my memory serves me correctly, it will go on this way. But, there’s something I haven’t experienced that’s been becoming increasingly more common. When Madison was growing up, the only people she “fought” with were Lynnette and me. She didn’t have any brothers or sisters or peers. But Cole and Avery will have each other and (to a lesser extent) Madison to bicker with, scream at, and throw under the bus. What will that even look like? Oh, man. Happy 13th Monthday, you crazy kids!


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