Bubble Bath(s)!

“Do you want to give the twins a bubble bath?” I asked Madison. I don’t think it is possible for a human to reply faster than Madison did when she blurted out “Yeah!” “I don’t know if we still have any, though,” I said, having already put the cart before the horse or something like that. “The Spider-Man one,” she replied, only slightly slower than her first answer. She was right.

3Lynnette went out to dinner with her friends from college. They get together a few times a year, but almost always during Christmas time. They exchange gifts, eat good food, and have the kinds of conversations that are either medical or about their friends from college (so in both cases I have no idea what they’re talking about and eventually I run out of food to eat, you know?). Lynnette’s still not home and I don’t expect her home for a few more hours. She rarely gets out. She deserves this. Besides, Cole and Avery are at the age where Madison and I can more or less hold down the fort. The worst thing that happened to night was that Avery woke up from a nap, sat up, threw up eggs, then plopped right back down to resume her nap. After assuring myself she was not choking, I have to admit I was kind of impressed by her dedication to getting that nap in.

12The bubble bath went exactly as you’d think it would. Avery tried to eat everything in the tub including the bubbles. At one point she had a solid bubble goatee going, but alas, my hands were wet and I could not snap a picture. I woke her up from the second leg of her nap and she was in good spirits. She got into the tub first and when Cole realized what was going on, he tried to scale the wall of the tub into the suds himself. I pulled him back to take off his shirt and he was pissed. Water play is Cole’s favorite thing in the whole world. Once he heard the siren song of splashing water he became a toddler possessed. I tried to get some cool action shots of the twins in the tub, but Cole decided he was going to splash the water as far as he possibly could, so the camera was a no-go.

Not to be outdone by his sister’s attempt to eat the bubbles, Cole filled a bucket with water, tried to drink it, but ended up pouring the water all over his face. He dropped the bucket and coughed twice. Then he laughed and did it again. All I see is his Uncle Matty whenever he pulls short-sighted stunts like these, but I don’t know. Could it be that he’s just a boy and that’s what we have ahead of us? A series of escalating poor decisions followed by laughter? Man, I hope not.

For my friends who are parents of sons – is this just what it is to have a son? Because if so, I’m just going to start calling Cole “Mutts 2”.


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