Blue Jays Are All the Rage, or At Least That’s What My Wife Says

Lynnette’s friend – and fellow Blue Jay – Christine obtained two toddler t-shirts featuring the trademarks of Creighton University. Christine’s friends also have twins and these children have apparently outgrown the shirts. And so these royal blue beauties have made their way to us, with the provision that we too pass them down once Cole and Avery outgrown them.

12“Brainwashing” almost always has a negative connotation, so I’m not going to decry Lynnette’s methods of predisposing Cole and Avery toward Creighton because, I mean, that would be mildly hypocritical. Besides, I want my kids to aspire to higher education, higher than the kind I aspired to, anyway. It would be great if they had more of their mother in them in terms of academics and overall intelligence. I feel like if they inherit average athleticism and the ability to tell a joke I’m way ahead.

So this afternoon Cole and Avery frolicked about the play area in the sporting the colors and iconography of those Creighton Blue Jays, and immediately after posting this entry, I’m going to type “LMU toddler t-shirts” into the Google Bar and set a (soft) limit of $20 per shirt to make sure the Lions are equally represented, even if I only have one degree and Lynnette has two. Obviously, this fact is countered by the fact that I am a two-time, two-time, two-time Intramural Sports Softball Champion. TEAM SWANK!

Thank you, Christine, for thinking of us! And thank you to Christine’s friends! The shirts look great on the twins! I cannot wait until Cole and Avery outgrow them and can wear start wearing the kids’ medium LMU t-shirts I’m going to buy them in 15 minutes. They need a little room to grow into them, you know what I mean?


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