The First Legit Day of Winter Break 2016

1I’ve been on break since Thursday but Lynnette’s parents were gracious enough to watch the kids on Thursday and Friday so I could finish grading my mid-term exams. Lynnette was home yesterday in observance of the Christmas holiday, so that makes today the first day that I’m home with the kids.

Like all breaks, we opened up with that most traditional of school break activities: errands. That’s right. Mad and I loaded up the twins into the van and took a drive down to Kapolei (we were there yesterday, but only for shopping) for Target and Costco runs.

from Target:
heavily discounted Christmas items
3/$10 Coke items
roach traps
plastic storage bins

from Costco:
2 gallons of whole milk
diaper wipes
Diet Pepsi

2Lynnette got this bright idea (probably from Pinterest) to divide the twins’ toys up in to 7 individual plastic bins and allow Cole and Avery to play with the toys in just one bin per day. This seems quixotic to me, but Madison is all for the idea since she is responsible for putting the twins’ toys away at night. Right now, this chore takes between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how much havoc the twins raised during the day. Well, I spent something like $50 on 10 18-quart bins at Target. When I got to Costco, I found comparable bins going for an incredible 6/$15. Imagine my surprise and disgust. Well, at least I got this cool selfie of all four of us before entering Costco. I also took some video of Cole and Avery’s first trip into the milk and egg fridge, but I missed the best parts of Cole screaming and Avery shivering.

3Because we were in Kapolei, I was morally obligated to treat myself to Sushi Bay -even though I ate the exact same thing for lunch yesterday. Right now, Lynnette reading this and she just scoffed. She just followed that up by whispering “stupid”. She’s not wrong, but I have a belly full of sushi, so I am winning, baby.

And though I have treated myself to a Lunch of Champions, it should be said that Madison is the true MVP of the First Legit Day of Winter Break 2016. She let me nap. Then when I got up, she helped me feed the twins. Then somehow, she put Avery – and then Cole! – down for naps. I am stunned. Thrilled, for sure, but stunned. She has the magic touch! Maybe it’s because she hasn’t taken a nap since 2012.


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