Soft Playgrounds and Chicken McNuggets

It’ll probably come long after my family is able to use it, but I hope that the owners of Pearlridge decide to build one of those play areas meant for small children like the one at Windward Mall. Surely there is much space to be found in Pearlridge. It mean less kiosks manned by young men and women who employ aggressive psychological sales techniques in order to engage shoppers in an escalation of commitment, but that might not be a superbad thing.



For now it means we’ll have to drive out to Windward Mall if we want to beat the weather and give the twins a play area larger than the living room. Cole heard the other children first, then saw the play area. He did that thing where his body started rocking back and forth. By the time he finally touched down on that carpet, he was a ball of energy. He squealed and stomped his feet. His body became a rod of electricity which he finally released as he ran along the edges of the play structures. Cole’s making strides in his physical development. He managed to climb into the boat by himself. He actually side-stepped a few other kids as he moved around. I think I was most impressed with his speed. He doesn’t really get to show it off in the living room, so when he darted around the play area today, it was something completely new to me, too.



Avery still wasn’t able to walk the last time we visited this playground. Madison carried her from the stroller area to the playground entrance, and as soon as Avery’s fat Higa feet hit the ground, she was off. Mad shadowed Avery and I followed Cole around. Avery had no interest in any of her family members (shocker) and instead preferred to explore the space. She’s not much of a climber yet, but she does love being propped up on most of the structures, especially the sea turtle. I helped her atop the slide and eased her down, but she didn’t seem to be a fan of that. So I pulled the Lynnette Pascua Higa and forced her into it again – just to make sure. Nope. She was fine just running around and banging her hands on anything she could find.


It’s healthy without the skin! Right? 

We let them roam for half an hour before collecting them and returning them to the stroller. Incredibly, neither of them fought it. Maybe they were pooped from running around so much. After we H3/H1/H2’d our way back to Mililani, we ate lunch at McDonald’s. Lynnette’s parents discovered Cole and Avery’s love of Chicken McNuggets. On Christmas Day, Lynnette and her father had the following exchange:

Dad: Oh, you know, they love the chicken nuggets!

Lynnette: And you guys feed them french fries too!

Dad: No, just the chicken nuggets.

Lynnette: Madison already told us you guys feed them french fries.

Dad: *pause* But they love it!

Well, I took them to McDonald’s for lunch today. Lynnette’s dad is not wrong. The kids love McDonald’s. It should be said that McDonald’s is still Madison’s favorite restaurant. Anyway, peeling the skin off the chicken nuggets wasn’t fun, but both Cole and Avery kept eating the chicken without complaint. Oh, I can’t wait until we’re ordering them Happy Meals and they’re bickering over who gets which toy. And by “them” I mean all three of my kids, because I have a pretty good feeling that Madison will never not like McDonald’s.

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