“Phil’s Day ‘o Fun”

Cole and Avery woke up at the same time early this morning and displaced me from my own bed. I fell asleep on the couch and the next time I opened my eyes, Cole was in the living room in a t-shirt and shorts. Man, she ain’t taking chances on him ending up in his pajamas all day. I could hear Madison’s voice, but it wasn’t grouchy. What is she doing up so early? Then, I heard Lynnette then say “Phil, get ready, my parents are coming to watch the twins at 8.” “But you work,” I said. “No, I took the day off,” she said. “Just let me get 15 more minutes,” I said. “OK, but we have a whole day o’ fun planned for you,” Lynnette said.

1Apparently, Lynnette and Madison conspired against me last night while they were at Outback and I was at home getting stared down by my dog while I was taking a dump. Lynnette and Madison also wore matching LuLaRoe leggings today. They were cute and it really did make me long for the day when I can wear matching Cowboys and Mets jerseys with Cole.

Anyway, we ate breakfast at Egghead Cafe on Queen Street, just off Ward Avenue. Predictably, I had the salmon benedict. Lynnette’s pork belly benedict was delicious. I was told over breakfast that we were going to watch Moana (I’ll have a post on that in a few days) and I assumed that we’d be watching the movie at the Ward Theaters. I was wrong. Lynnette bought us tickets at the new luxury theaters at Ka Makana Ali’i.

2Considering we rarely watch movies in the theater, I don’t know if I want to watch movies any other way. I pulled out the leg rest as soon as I sat down and my body fell into a state of ease. “Hit me if I start snoring,” I told Madison before the trailers even started. Man, if only the chairs reclined a little… but then again, if I wanted to sleep I should have just stayed home and saved the money. I made it through the movie with no Coke or Icee but Madison ate the loads of popcorn. We returned a few items after the movie, and walked around a bit. I actually got to hold Lynnette’s hand. I’m usually pushing the stroller. “I know you wanted to spend some time with me.  I hope you don’t mind that Madison came along,” she said as we strolled through the mall’s corridors. “Not at all,” I said. I gave her a kiss. “Eww,” Madison said.

3After that, Lynnette drove us to Sushi Bay SO I COULD EAT A SUSHI BAY LUNCH FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK. “This is how much I love you,” she said. Brian McKnight and Vanessa Williams cited an anonymous “they” who said that love is a blessing. They also said love is a gift. Additionally, they said love is a miracle and Brian McKnight believes that it is. Well, there was so much love in the form of sushi that I could not even find the will to hate myself for over-eating. Lynnette really went out of her way to cater to me today. She even drove! And the best is still to come: I’ve got a shoulder massage scheduled at bed time! I don’t want this day to end.

4My Day o’ Fun took an unexpected turn as we drove through Kapolei. My brother Paul texted us to let us know Diner’s would close at the end of business Saturday. I spontaneously proposed a double cheeseburger feast. It came together quickly and we ended up at my parents’ house for a totally unhealthy and insanely overpriced dinner of Diner’s double cheeseburgers and fries. “They’re so expensive!” Lynnette argued when I revealed our plan to “buy a shit-ton of double cheeseburgers”. “And we’ll never have to pay for them ever again!” I shouted back. If I had a mic, I would have dropped it.

There is a story to this picture of my brothers and me. Matty scooped up a burger and took a bite before anyone else was even ready. “Phil said to eat while they’re hot,” Matty replied. “I did,” I said. “Wait,” Paul said. “We have to get a picture. He was right. So we posed for the picture, Paul and I took a bite to match Matty’s. “Do  you want to put a shirt on for the picture?” Paul asked Matty. “Nah,” I said. There was a pause. “Yeah…” Matty said and disappeared into his room. He returned and we took some pictures of us and the burgers.

Diner’s double cheeseburgers were:
hamburger buns
two thin beef patties
some kind of mayo-relish sauce

They were both delicious and impossibly overpriced and I loved them. Lynnette put Diner’s into her phone’s speed dial when were first started dating because we ate there so often. She’d get a mini-bbq beef plate, I’d get two burgers and fries. When I moved to Mililani, I ate there less so until I barely thought about it. Every once in a while, though, I’d remember and plan a trip to Aiea (almost always by myself) just to get two burgers and fries and a large Coke. First the Heights and now Diner’s. Delectable pieces of my childhood gone forever.


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