Kicking Off the Playground Tour 2017!

I don’t know that I can truly call today’s outing the twins’ first Playground Tour. They’ve been to playgrounds before, but they’ve never really been allowed to explore them. I guess I’ll have to settle on today being the first stop on the Playground Tour for 2017 and then go from there. Or here. You know what I mean.

1I took the kids to Mililani Rec Center 4 because the playground there is specifically meant for younger children. They area is padded and much of the build is plastic.

Avery took off as soon as I set her down on the rubberized surface. Within seconds she was on her knees using her thumb and forefinger like tweezers to pick up trace pieces of debris. She wanted a Taste of Mililani Rec 4, you see? Madison and I spent way too much time today ripping leaves and pebbles out her hands before they found their way into her mouth. I don’t know what to say about this habit of hers at this point. Madison always seemed to have a sense of what was edible and what was not. Cole, while not above sticking things in his mouth, also appears to know the difference between a snack and not a snack. But Avery? Everything is a snack. Just like the mom.

2Earlier this week Lynnette and I finally found a pair of shoes that Cole doesn’t hate. Now, it’s not like Cole likes this new blue pair either, but at least he doesn’t hate them. When the soles of said shoes touched down on the playing surface, he did that thing where it’s like he’s been magnetized to the ground. “C’mon!” I said as I took a few steps away from him. He reached out to me with both arms and a little lean forward. It was a very, very low-budget recreation of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

Eventually, however, he started moving around with the rest of us. I posted a picture to Instagram and Lynnette’s only question was “Do all of them have shoes on?” She was right to ask. I forgot Cole’s shoes during our photo shoot for our Christmas pictures. I forget a lot of things pretty frequently. So today when I showed up with the twins and another father randomly said “Ho, dad of the year,” the only reasonable response was to chuckle, say thanks, but add the “No way.”

3Madison’s role of Big Sister required her to block the entrance to the slide. It’s not glamorous, but necessity rarely is. No twins were hurt in during today’s stop on the Playground Tour, and honestly, that matters more than if people had fun. Sometimes Madison mutters things under her breath. Things about how today’s playground is too small for her. Maybe about how she dislikes chasing toddlers around in the hot sun. Maybe about being hungry or tired. But I will give Madison credit: she shows up for her job every single day.

It doesn’t look like Madison and I are going to make it to the beach this break, but it’s just as well. I’m rocking the dad bod suuuuper hard and I can’t manage both the twins around large bodies of water. The bathtub is about the extent of my abilities in that regard. The twins will be 18 months at the start of summer and I can’t remember if that means they’ll be reasonable mini-humans. I’m going to bet no. So possibly we’ll hit the beach on the weekends with Lynnette and the huge wagon.

For now, though, I’ve got one day of break left tomorrow. I have an in-service day on Friday (!) and I return to classes on Monday. Maybe something special and epic will happen this weekend. Fingers crossed and all that.


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