Cole at 14 Months

You’re right. Today is Avery’s day. But I didn’t get around to writing a post for Cole’s 14-month milestone for two reasons. First, he had a meltdown during and after dinner that necessitated an early bottle that led to an early bedtime. Second, Lynnette was on the computer for a LuLaRoe Facebook Live event. But I digress.

1“Cole looks just like you.” -Everybody. I can see it sometimes, depending on his facial expression. He is also similar to me in that 90% of the time he’s chill, but during that other 10%, the highs are really high and the lows are bleak. When Cole is excited – like when Lynnette gets home – he can’t contain his excitement. He runs in place while holding onto the baby gate. He shrieks and squeals. Then, when he is overly tired or extremely upset, he’s impossible to console. Cole likes to throw his toys, but when he’s angry, he throws his binky. It’s like he’s insulted; it’s as if he knows that were trying to calm him, so he picks up his binky and launches as far away as he can. He might yet have a chance at a youth baseball career.

2Cole knows the name of all his family members. If you ask him where __________ is, his eyes will scan the area until he finds his sisters or parents or the dog. He responds by making eye contact when he is called by name. He appears to understand “No” and reacts with shame when scolded.

Cole also possesses a limited but growing vocabulary.

Dada = dad
Mememem = mom
Wah-wah = water
Mumumum = food

He’s also got “wow” and “uh-oh” up his sleeve: the first for when he’s impressed by something (like a huge ceiling fan), the second to call out bad things (like pushing his sippy cup off his tray and onto the floor). Hilariously, everything else is “doo-doo”. No, really. He points and says “doo-doo!” But he can change the speed, tone, volume, and pitch of it to reflect different things. It’s all in the delivery. At the zoo on Saturday, he pressed his finger up against the glass where the bearded lizards had taken up residence. “Doo-DOO!” he said. It was excited, so I think he was simply happy that he could recognize animals – or movement at the very least. “Don’t call them that!” Madison shot back at Cole. Yes, this is real life.


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