Pokai Bay>Green Bay

Nothing ever really gets the tacky slime of utter disappointment off of you, but a trip to the beach doesn’t hurt.

DCIM100GOPROG0082712.The original plan, of course, was Ko’olina, but by the time we arrived at 10 there were lines extending from every lagoon. “What should we do?” I asked Lynnette. “Do you want to just keep driving out to Waianae?” she asked. “I think we should just go here, to a regular beach,” Madison said from the back of the van, offering unsolicited advice. “We just have to find a place that isn’t rough,” Lynnette said. “Ko’olina’s not rough,” Madison said from the back seat. “There are lines at all the lagoons,” I said. She sighed. I can’t really blame her. The last time we went to the beach was an overcast day in November. Before that? I can’t even recall. Madison had a great day at the beach. Lynnette and I tried to occupy the twins so Madison could play as much as possible. I launched her into the water a few times and it kind of made me feel a little about the Cowboys loss (she doesn’t even understand football, but she really loves Pitch Perfect).

DCIM100GOPROG0062688.The Gravy Boat wasn’t too keen on the water today. Maybe Saturday in the kiddie pools was enough for her. She was over the whole thing after five minutes and decided to spend the rest of our time at the beach clinging tenaciously to Lynnette. We tried to put her in her floatie and it amused her for a little while. Soon, though, her teeth started chattering and she began making her fussy dragon noises which can be loosely translated as can-you-please-get-me-out-of-the-water-dude-I’m-legit-freezing-thanks. If you know anything about the Avery “Gravy Boat” P.I.T.A.Girl Higa, then you know she explores the world around her by eating things. All the things. Today was no exception. She stuck her fingers in the sand, then stuck them into her mouth almost immediately. It’s one of those things: I could see it coming, tried to stop it, failed over and over again, then accepted the eventually of the whole thing. Imagine Aaron Rodgers carving up you football team and that’s kind of what it’s like to deal with the Gravy Boat Galactus who I caught earlier this morning chewing on plastic shards that Cole broke off a bucket handle.

DCIM100GOPROG0453074.I thought that if anyone was going to enjoy the beach trip it would Cole. Oddly enough, the only thing he really wanted to do was walk from the shore back up toward the tent. I don’t get it. All of us sat at the water’s edge. Cole would become disenchanted with us and pop up, turn toward the parking lot and start walking. “Cole Joseph!” I shouted. He turned to look – but only that first time – before continuing his march up the sand. This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. He actually filled a cup with water, then stumbled up the sand intermittently like some college student who showed up and turned up waaaay to early for a beach party. Except his cup was filled with salt water, which I assume taste eerily similar to the hot tears that I forbid to fall from my face yesterday afternoon.

DCIM100GOPROG0322947.Lynnette never got into the water past the waist because it failed to meet her temperature standards. The “No Splashing Mommy” Rule was in effect all day, and as hilarious as it would have been to watch her eyebrows run away from her face, it would been the opposite of hilarious to deal with Angry Mommy consequences. This is a full family pic from our trip to Pokai Bay and you can still see the hurt and bewilderment in my face from yesterday’s loss. You can see the joy on Madison’s and also Lynnette’s, since she derives pleasure from my suffering. I am sorry, Avery, for smashing the canopy into your face. And geez, figure it out, Cole.

I am a little burnt – unlike the Cowboys’ secondary which is extra-crispy – but happy. Today didn’t go as planned, but I would argue it was better. Such is life sometimes, only it takes a little time to show.


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