They Grow Up So Fast, Kind Of

12I spent the week hoping for another glorious beach day this weekend, but the news told us that Saturday and Sunday would be windy and rainy and the news was right. We braved the elements on our way to Babies R Us in Pearl City to pick up new car seats for Cole and Avery. Their chubby legs (pictured on the left) are already spilling out over the edge of their infant car seats. It’s gotten significantly more difficult to carry both twins up and down the stairs at the same time. They’ve grown at a great rate than my strength has, sadly. If you’re interested or in the market for a new car seat or booster or stroller, check out Babies R Us. They’ve got a trade-in program going on right now. We turned in an old car seat and the car seat stroller/frame thingy we used when the twins were newborns. It earned us 25% off the new car seats.

Lynnette, the handywoman of the house, has already taken to assembling and adjusting and whatever elseing the car seats. “How come one side seems looser than the other?” she just shouted at no one in particular. This is where I know better than to offer an honest answer because if I do, I will either be reminded of my lack of handiness and/or sarcastically asked if I want to deal with it. Neither of those scenarios are any good for the old self-esteem. She’s got Avery strapped into one of them right now, planted in front of the Mickey Mouse Club House. It’s like a luxury theater. Man, they grow up so fast.

But not fast enough, apparently.

34Lynnette and I left Madison to watch over the twins while we got ready to leave the house. Lynnette finished before I did and soon after she left the bedroom, I heard her shout. “NO! NO! NO! NO!” she said. The tone wasn’t anger. It wasn’t fear, either. I wasn’t quite ready but headed to the living room anyway. I had to know what could inspire such a response from Lynnette. I saw Lynnette holding both Cole and Avery by an arm apiece. I got closer to Cole and saw his right cheek and parts of his right arm covered with Desitin. I wasn’t totally shocked. He likes tubes and bottles, and knows how to use his teeth to open them. In fact, just a few minutes ago, he stood on a pillow and opened a bedroom door for the first time. It was basically the raptor opening the door in Jurassic Park.

Anyway, As I looked over Cole, Lynnette clamored at me to look at Avery. “OH NO!” I said. Her mouth was covered with the diaper cream.  “What are you doing, Avery?” I exclaimed. She whined. She was upset that the tube of Desitin had been taken from her. “She was eating from the tube like Go-Gurt!” Lynnette shouted and she wiped down her children who were now both impervious to diaper rash in crotch, forearm, and mouth. “What happened, Madison?” I said. “I don’t know, I didn’t see them,” Mad said. “How did you not see this?” I said, pointing to my Desitin-goateed Gravy Boat. She and Lynnette chuckled a little. “Were you watching TV again?” I asked. “Maybe,” Madison said.


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