Bad Sleeping Habits

I’ve made a huge mistake.

12Some time last week I made what I thought was a sound decision. I pulled into the parking lot bleary-eyed and tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before and I didn’t need two hours to prep for the school day. I reclined my seat, tucked Madison’s pillow behind my head, set my phone alarm for 6:30, pulled a small blanket across my chest, and closed my eyes. I managed almost an extra hour of sleep! I felt like I got away with something! I walked to my classroom, prepped for the day, and had a dopey smirk on my face because, you know, I MANAGED ALMOST AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!

Perhaps predictably, this would be the apex of my decision because my body began to crave this extra nap time almost immediately. It’s pretty bad. As I drive toward Kalihi, my eyelids get heavy right around Moanalua Gardens. “You know you want to sleep,” my body says. “Hurry up and get around this guy so we can get into the parking lot and sleep,” it says.

On the plus side, I haven’t bought a Starbucks drink in over a week. On the downside, the twins’ new car seats prevent the seat from reclining as much as it should and my neck and shoulders are pretty sore as a result. Also, I never quite feel like I’ve actually woken up at any point in the day. In fact – though I have no way of proving it – I suspect I actually feel more tired than I did before I began this seductive habit.

34I told Lynnette about my stolen hour earlier in the week and she scoffed (probably out of sheer jealousy). I told her that I think it was doing more harm than good and mentioned that I think I should probably move around a bit more. After all, softball – that last vestige of physical activity in my life – has more or less disappeared from my life since the twins were born. Lynnette suggested I start this evening by taking Cole and Avery for a walk. I agreed. Madison tagged along on her scooter. The air was crisp and cool. The twins seemed pleased to be out of the house as they only protested if the stroller stopped for an extended period of time, such as to take this picture here.

Lynnette’s taking the van tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll napping in the morning. The Corolla simply isn’t comfortable enough. Then again, I haven’t given it a serious try. Ahh. I suppose I’ll pull into Starbucks tomorrow morning, head up to my classroom, and get to work. Despite my physical appearance, I don’t enjoy feeling so sluggish. I hope that we can work in something nice like a trip to the beach or playground or something else outside. The weather hasn’t been super-cooperative, but since I’m going to be horizontal all of Sunday afternoon while watching the Royal Rumble, I really hope Saturday is gorgeous.


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