Ho, Not the Fresh Fade, Ah?

Well, that didn’t take long. Exactly one week ago, I wrote about the transitional period my hair was in. I wondered whether I’d be able to weather the storm of the ugly stage. No. No, I am not.

1I’m back to the shorter sidecomb. I finally  realized admitted that the undercut I was working on didn’t have an endgame. What was I going to do? Just let it keep growing, have it creep over my right ear?

Yesterday’s humidity  made the product in my hair inconsequential. The waves in my hair broke out of the hold and poofed up and out. “My hair is an apocalypse today,” I texted Lynnette. She immediately replied with “It was an apocalypse yesterday.” She wasn’t wrong. But still.

It was such joy to shampoo my shorter and thinner hair last night. My head feels lighter. I no longer have to run my fingers through my hair once a period to make sure it’s not turning into a bird’s nest of hideousness. The next time I considering growing my hair out, remind me not to – or link this blog entry to my Facebook page. Thanks. Ugh.


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