The Kind of Day I Really Missed

DCIM100GOPROG0243921.Today was a fantastic day and a callback to best of those summer days before the twins stormed (OK, one of them stormed) out of Lynnette and took over our lives.

We started the day at Waikele because we desperately needed to do some clothes shopping. Lynnette revealed that Cole and Avery have been wearing 9-12 month onesies because those are the biggest we have. Lynnette also informed me that we needed to buy Madison shorts because she was still wearing size 4 and 5 shorts (she’s a rail) and they were finally getting too small. It feels so great to not be alone in the Outgrowing One’s Clothing Club.

We ended up at Ko’olina for rays and waves. Cole got bulldozed by a rogue wave at the shore about 2 second into our trip and was apprehensive the rest of the time. Avery, however, had her daredevil swimmers on. She walked right up to the water’s edge, waited for the waves to roll in, then tried to put her face in the water! Honestly, though, I think she was trying to drink the water. “Hide my belly” Lynnette said as I snapped a few pictures of her. “I’m not that good,” I said. She laughed. That’s how great today was. For my part, even though the kids are growing a little every day, they still aren’t keeping pace with my gut. I’ve put on some pounds this school year and I’ve been telling myself that I’ll lose some of it over the summer. But I’ve told myself that every summer since 2004. I blame myself.

On the way home from the beach Lynnette suggested that we stop in Waipahu for check out a new bubble tea place (S H O C K E R) called Yoloha Cafe. If the name of the place is the combination of the two words I think they are, then just wow. But Lynnette loved the milk tea and Madison loved her soft serve/cotton candy dessert, so the place can’t be all bad. It’s currently got a 4.4 star review on Yelp. I didn’t see anything on the menu I wanted so I drove down the road to Arby’s for a medium beef and cheddar, and oh my God did it hit the spot. I asked Lynnette to drive the rest of the way home so I could eat my sandwich. I finished it before we got on the freeway.

Like I said, SUCH A GREAT DAY.


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