Nakagusuku Softball 2017


I stopped playing in the Monday night softball league as soon as the twins were born in the fall of 2015 and never went back. I played sparingly during the last Okinawan softball season, riding the bench (by choice!) because I was a physical and emotional wreck but didn’t the team to forfeit. A few weeks ago my uncle asked if I was playing this season and I told him no. But then we were short this week so I got the call. Look, I would never compare myself to John Wick – I’m nowhere near as athletic, I can’t grow facial hair, I am not highly-trained in and/or highly-skilled at anything, I don’t have the kind of build that’s flattered by a slim fit suit, I have a personality, I drive a van, and the only headshots I’m familiar with is the old photography studio in Liberty House Pearlridge – but just let me have this, OK?

*Digs glove, cleats, and bag out of the garage*

3I made sure to stretch before the game. Who knows what kinds of cobwebs, critters, dust, rust, and whatnot lurk inside of my “muscles”? I knew it was trouble from the start as my legs were tight, tight, tight. I didn’t get much better when I started throwing. I’ve been sleeping on my right side more often because if Cole ends up in the bed I’ll catch ass or worse in my face when I lie on my back or left side. The ball felt like a sack of wet sand.

My first two at-bats were horrendous. I was diving into the ball and caught it off the cap both times. I kept telling myself to wait back, but I couldn’t even feel myself drifting over my front foot as it was happening – and then the ball would come off the cap and I would feel embarrassed jogging to first. Since I am the person who lovesloveslovesloves to shout “Make the adjustment!” I felt ridiculous. I was upright during my third at-bat and grounded out, but caught it off the cap again. In my final at-bat I early again – but got enough of it to punch it through the middle for the go-ahead RBI in the top of the 9th.

Speaking of that 9th inning, 9 innings is a lot. After the 7th inning, I walked under the shade of a tree where Tanya and Declan were sitting. “I have spent the last of my energy,” I said. It was hot. I was breathing very hard. I could feel the redness in my face. I pulled it together for the last two innings, then stalked back to the parking lot. My body is pretty sore right now. But I did the laundry, cooked dinner, and bathed the twins (Lynnette is sick), so I assume I will pass out as soon as I get into bed, then be unable to stand when I get up in the morning.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Lynnette said when I got home. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked. “It’s…dark,” she said. Great. Even better? Bye next week!


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