Mad’s First Computer

We bought Madison an iPad a few Christmases ago. The case we bought with it literally withered away and crumbled into dust, but the iPad is still kicking. I was going to replace it as a birthday gift, but then thought better of it. I asked Lynnette if she thought Madison might like/need a starter computer to do her homework. Mad has reading and writing assignments that are accessed over the ‘net and she and I have clashed over the use of the computer before – just in terms of time and scheduling – so I guess here we are.

12I purchased Mad a very budget laptop. The online reviews of it described it as “fine for internet browsing and document editing” and I was like “that’s all she knows how to do” but then I felt bad because that’s all I know how to do on a computer too. Anyway, the odds are against it, but I hope this laptop can survive until middle school. Mad uses a Macbook Air at school and when she when we were in Best Buy today and she referred to the Macbook Air by saying something to effect of “that’s what I’m familiar with” as a way to suggest that we were in the wrong section of the store, I balked. “I will buy you a Macbook when you get to high school, I said. I meant it. But for right now, an HP will have to do.

I let her pick out her own mouse and she didn’t hesitate to choose this one. “It reminds me of mom,” she said. Ah, yes. Mixed drinks and techno beats, she’s always into everything. “I want to surprise mom and tell her that I got a computer!” she said as we walked out. “She already knows,” I said. I guess Madison still doesn’t understand that purchases like these must be sanctioned by Mom first. “But she doesn’t know about your mouse,” I said. Mad cackled. “Mom!” Mad said as she shoved the mouse into Lynnette’s face.
“I chose this mouse because it reminds me of you!” she said. Lynnette took a look at it. “That’s great,” Lynnette sighed. “It reminds me of the time you tried to get dad into alcohol!” Mad continued. Lynnette shot me the death glare, but I laughed because how could I not.

Mad and I set up her laptop this afternoon. We bookmarked her school worksites together. She picked out theme for her laptop and a background image. I’ve begun talking to her about using the internet smartly. She’s learned a lot in school, so I just have to supplement, I suppose. That and nurse the laptop through every software update, anti-virus program, and physical cleaning I can.


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