Chrissy Teigen Sundays

Lynnette bought Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook a while back, but we never actually got around to making anything from it until three weeks ago. On a whim we decided to make one dish and it turned into a weekly thing. Except for last week because Lynnette was sick and she is master chef and I am only just the sous chef/dishwasher (unless I decide to use the dishwasher).


I am a pretty picky eater and nowhere near as adventurous or sophisticated as Lynnette. It can be a struggle – even in Chrissy’s book to find recipes that I have zero qualms about, but this was the first I saw. It’s basically chicken stuffed with cheese and meat, then wrapped in more meat. There is the slight inconvenience of tomatoes, but otherwise, it was a fine dish. I flattened the chicken, seasoned it, spread the stuffing, rolled the chicken, and was about to wrap the prosciutto around the chicken when Lynnette balked at my indelicate handling of the prosciutto. “You could be more gentle with that,” she said as the thinly sliced meat crumbled in my hands. I think I shot back with something clever like “Be more gentle with this!” I can’t remember, but it certainly sounds like something I would say. The end result was delicious, but I think we might have overcooked the chicken a little.


Lynnette bought the thinly sliced kalbi and it made a huge difference on the cooking time. We didn’t use a grill and ended up broiling them in the oven. The prep time might have taken longer than the actual cook time, but in any event both took longer than the eat time. I seasoned the meat and Lynnette made the marinade because her skill is such and mine is dumping things onto other things without any kind of consideration. These were the first short ribs I’ve cooked without the marinade that comes in the bottle with the green label. The recipe called for fresh pineappple and brown sugar; since I am not a sweets kind of guy (unless we’re talking about Lynnette! *rimshot* *applause*), I was worried that these would not be to my tastes. I was wrong. Chrissy was right. It was awesome to eat kalbi with layers of flavor rather than the familiar. I can’t wait to bust these out on an actual grill and grill some of the pineapple, too. “This is so good!” our friends and family will say. I will want to take credit, but then Lynnette will be standing right there, so…


Confession: I took an afternoon nap and had a really bad dream about a kid being thrown off a building. I cried. It was one of those dreams where I knew it was a dream but I couldn’t will myself out of it. When I finally woke up, I darted out of the room and into the kitchen. “Chrissy Teigen Sunday?” I said. “It’s in the oven, already,” Lynnette said. I slept through Chrissy Teigen Sunday!

Let’s be honest, though. Lynnette doesn’t need me. She tolerates my presence. It took her 45 minutes to prepare the chicken, compound butter, vegetables, and put it in the oven. If I helped, it might have taken an hour-and-half. Oh, but the chicken was so good, though. She crammed the herb-infused butter into every conceivable nook and cranny and it really came out in the finished product. I could see the greens between the meat and skin of my chicken. It had a fresh, lemon kick to it. I was so thrilled, I even ate some of the veggies! No way! Avery and Cole loved it, and Madison only had bad things to say about the skin. Just one complaint! No way!


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