Spring (Prison) Break 2017

Well, I can’t say that Spring Break has gone the way I hoped. Cole got sick and spiked a fever almost immediately. Now he’s broken out in a rash. “It’s roseola, look it up,” Lynnette said to me arrogantly after a strong sip of wine. I didn’t bother, as she’s the nurse, and that’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

2This is about as chill as Cole’s been in the last three days. He gets feverish and then clingy then fussy. He screamed/cried for 40 straight minutes last night. Lynnette and I tried all the tricks in the book – carrying him; singing to him; propping him up to look out the window; plopping him down on the sink to play with the water – nothing worked. Eventually, Lynnette went for the Tylenol and that seemed to do the trick. Yes, I wish we would have come to that solution first, but it’ll always be in the last place you look because after you find it, you stop looking. Cole’s been pretty good today. I took him to the park and was enjoyed the running around, but he got tired pretty quickly. Madison’s cruising with him as I type, urging him on to sleep. We hope.

A few nights ago Lynnette got excited watching a promo for a Prison Break reboot. It looks to star most of the same actors/characters as the original series, including Lynnette’s boyfriend Wentworth Miller. We didn’t know how ominous this program would be.

1Lynnette put Avery to bed as she usually does – quickly and in darkness. Avery rarely complains, and if she does, she quiets quickly and falls asleep. Tonight, however, Avery screamed loudly for some time. At some point Lynnette and I heard a thud, a brief pause in the screaming, then more intense screaming. “Did she fall out of the crib?” I asked. It seemed simultaneously impossible and the only likely explanation. Lynnette opened the door and shouted “Oh my God, Avery!” The Gravy Boat had indeed fallen out of her crib and was sprawled out on the floor. She cried for a few minutes in Lynnette’s arms but was fine soon after. Avery is insane and indestructible. I fear this is only the beginning.

3It isn’t often that stories like these have happy endings, but ours does. The family convened in the twins’ room as Lynnette lowered the mattress level on Avery’s crib. Cole and Madison took turns bouncing on the exposed mattress while Avery did everything she could to hinder Lynnette’s progress, obviously because she’s a troll! Even Abby checked in to take a look at the developments. As observant as she is, I don’t know that she caught Lynnette’s death glare fueled by tanking wine, the adrenaline of knowing her daughter huli-maka-flipped out of her crib and onto the floor, and the intensity of her workman-like craftsmanship.


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