Sunday at Uncle Paul’s

Instead of lunch at my parents’ house, we got together at Paul’s apartment in town. He lives in the Piikoi area; it’s not far, but it was complicated by the H3 closure today. Everyone from the westside had to take Likelike or Pali to get to the eastside, so the freeway was backed up approaching both exits.

DCIM100GOPROG0064324.We haven’t been to the pools in Mililani much since Cole and Avery were born. It’s one of those things that kind of fell away in the first year of their lives. I had forgotten how much Madison loves the pool. Since both Lynnette and I had plenty of adult help in Grandma and Grandpa, Madison relished her freedom in the pool today. She began by jumping into the pool at the 5-foot depth, but was urged by Lynnette to try it at the 8-foot depth. “I can’t pop up in the 8-feet,” Madison said. “It’ll be fine,” Lynnette said. She waved her arm. “If something happens, I’ll jump in and save you,” she continued. “I know you won’t sacrifice your eyebrows to save me!” Madison shouted from the other side of the pool. I was howling. Madison was first in and last out of the pool. She deserved it.

DCIM100GOPROG0234841.The last time we took the kids to the beach Cole was betrayed by rogue shore break within the first 5 minutes and decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with water for the rest of the day. Today was far different, however. We originally put both the twins into their floaters, but they had way more fun without them. One of the highlights of my day was earning Cole’s trust. I sat him on the edge of the pool and thought he would complain, but instead he smiled and began leaning in toward the water. He pulled back quickly and squealed. “C’mon, Cole Boy!” I said, holding out my arms. It took a few moments, but he slowly slid his butt off the edge and fell into my arms. He screamed. After that, he didn’t hesitate to launch himself at me.

DCIM100GOPROG0134538.This picture was taken seconds after Avery somehow flipped herself out of her floaty. She went into the water face-first. I was behind her and couldn’t stop or reverse it. Lynnette was sitting on the wall when it happened, but got into the water at light speed (without sacrificing her eyebrows) to rescue Avery. “MADISON!” she shouted as she yanked Avery out of the water. I don’t know if Lynnette was yelling at me or Avery, but Madison was across the pool. This little slip should provide some insight as to how frequently Madison’s name is shouted in our household, though. But, but, but, as you know, Avery is indestructible. She coughed and shivered, then jerked away from Lynnette and back toward the pool. She squealed when I took her back to splash her up and down, to float her on her back. She is nuts.

It was a great day, and perhaps a little taste of summer.



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