Right in the Rice Feels

We checked out the Verizon store this weekend because Lynnette’s got a phone upgrade coming up. She’s still on Team Android. Samsung’s got a brand new Galaxy model coming out in a purple/gray. She’s sold.

Anyway, as Lynnette talked with a sales associate, another commented on Cole who was cruising in the double stroller. “He’s pretty good, huh?” she said, remarking on his behavior. “Yeah, he’s chill. Like me,” I said. I didn’t really think about what I said – I said it almost reflexively – but then I looked up to where the girls in my family were. Avery was strapped onto Lynnette’s chest. She was flopping her legs around and making her fake crying noises. Madison was jumping onto and off of this ledge in the display area. “Yeah,” I continued. I turned back to the associate. “And the other two are crazy like their mom.”

1Cole and I are alike in many ways, but recently we’ve discovered one big one: he doesn’t really care for rice. Last night was the first time Lynnette fed them rice with dinner. Cole dabbled a little, but preferred the teriyaki. Cole’s signature move – the double fist – came out during dinner as he picked up a 2-inch piece of meat and held it by both ends. He then placed the piece across his lips the long way and gnawed on it while making growling noises. Now, I don’t eat food like this, and the only scenario I can imagine where I’d behave this was is if I had Lynnette’s ankle in my mouth when I was trying to convince her to give me a neck massage. Lynnette fed the twins the same meal tonight and Cole skipped the rice in favor of the smaller pieces of meat.

2Avery, on the other hand, seems to have more favorable feelings toward rice. For two days in a row, she’s stuck her hand into her serving of rice and squealed. True, the rice needs no help sticking to her hand, but the saliva’s there anyway. Avery eats rice in such a way that covers her hand in a glove which closely resembles the fabled glove of the late Michael Jackson –  except instead of rhinestones it’s rice. Don’t get me wrong, Avery will eat just about anything, but she has shown a special appreciation for rice. She hate all of it before eating anything else tonight. Madison was the same way. Which, really, if we’re keeping score, is great. Because the only thing better than one clone of Lynnette is two clones of Lynnette.


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