Cole at 17 Months


Hitting the Randy Orton

Cole Joseph is 17 months old today. He knows a handful of words now, but the one he uses most frequently and appropriately is “no”, or more precisely, “nah”.  I suppose this is cosmic justice. It appears the boy is taking on every single one of my traits and behaviors.

This morning I let him borrow my glasses. He put them around his face, then his neck. “Can I get those back?” I asked. He didn’t reply. “Cole Boy, can Daddy have those?” I said. “Nah!” he said, shaking his head side-to-side. He ran off into the his room and cornered himself in the same spot he always does, under the window, between the cabinet and Avery’s crib.

My dad set up the pool for the three kids this afternoon and after about 15 minutes Cole started shivering. “Cole, out-out?” I asked. “Nah-nah!” he shouted at me through chattering teeth. He screamed at me when I finally did pull him from the water. He’s still a water baby.


Talking to himself, probably.

Cole is a joy to be with. He’s been a great playmate over the past few weeks, seeking me out each afternoon for some roughhousing. He likes to be lifted upside down. He can be clingy, unreasonably fussy, and excessively territorial over Lynnette. Like I said, he’s inheriting ALL of them.

I gave Cole M&Ms for the first time on Friday. He fell in love with them immediately; he went so far as to sign for “more”, something we’ve encouraged him to do. But he doesn’t do it. He saves it for things he really loves, like being lifted upside down; food he really likes but hasn’t eaten in a long time; sweet snacks; and fruit that simply isn’t getting onto his plate or into his hands quick enough. Not only did he sign for M&M’s. When Madison left the play area to get more, Cole followed her to the gate and reached over it. “Ma-Mad!” he shouted. That’s what he calls Madison. He stuck his right arm high into the air and raised his pointer finger, as if to say “One more!” He’s just one step away from shouting “Fo’ da boiz!” and completely becoming Phil Jr.


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