Clingy Avery Rio and Ravishing Cole Joseph

The rain really put a damper on our plans for the weekend. We were limited to the indoors, also known as Pearlridge and Windward Mall. There’s also been a lot of baseball stuff going on, and I don’t like to talk about it because I’m a psychopath, but yeah, it’s happening and dude, I am stoked. We don’t have a whole lot going on, so you’ll have to settle for an update on the twins’ recent behavioral changes.

1Avery doesn’t like me. Well, I don’t know if that’s specifically true, but it’s pretty clear I am not even an acceptable replacement for Lynnette. If Lynnette hands Avery off to me in public, Avery arches her back and starts screaming. Since she’s built like a sack of potatoes (and twice as heavy), it can be kind of a task to wrangle her when she’s upset like that. In fact, the only time when she actually wanted me to scoop her up today was when she got herself into an undesirable spot on the playground. Otherwise, nope. Avery hates the stroller and shopping carts, so Lynnette has to Ergo her everywhere. Today at Chef Zone, Avery thought it was the coolest (yes, intended) thing ever when Lynnette packed her in the insulated jacket so we could explore the Chill Zone.

2Over the last two days – for reasons known only to him – Cole has begun to recline by lifting his arms and placing both hands behind his head. It is hilarious, but it’s also exactly what I (and my dad and brother Matty) look like when I sit on the couch while I watch TV. He doesn’t always do it. Last night he did it while lying on the hardwood floor of my parents’ house. He hasn’t done it in bed. I don’t know how he decides. But, as a wrestling fan, I call it the Rick Rude, but without the swiveling, thank God. Today, he broke out his new signature pose out on the way home from Baldwin’s and Rainbow Tea House. He started getting loud as soon as he saw Madison’s cup and didn’t stop until he had his fill of Madison’s cherry/watermelon shave ice. Then, this.

Hopefully the weather will clear up this week and next weekend. And also that the baseball stuff works out, too.


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