Let’s Play Two!

I’ve been out of the house in the afternoon and evenings  recently because of my baseball fanboying. I ended staying at Damien until very late on Monday for the volleyball boys’ senior night. Last night I got home at a decent hour after the Costco run and picking up Mad from dance class. Luckily, the twins were in the mood for playtime.

34I placed Madison’s futon (she’s Avery’s roommate now) on the floor of their room but didn’t open it. This, of course, was the best thing Avery and Cole had ever seen in their lives.

They treated the raised futon like some kind of stage. Avery stood atop it and turned in circles, occasionally stopping to check herself out in the mirror. Cole was more occupied with stepping up on top of it, crossing it, then stepping down. He giggled every time he made it down safely.

Eventually, Cole got his hands on Abby’s rope bone and he was like a kid at Christmas. Abby chased him around the living room and the twins’ room. Cole screamed while running from Abby. Eventually Abby’s four legs caught up with Cole’s two, and she nipped at him until he gave up the bone.

Avery decided to spend her time doing something else entirely. I sat near the edge of the futon trying for pictures. Avery decided that I was close enough to it for her to jump right at me. At first, she did so tentatively, slowly stepping off the futon with one foot. Once she was confident that I would catch her, though, she started getting a lot more daring. It was as if she was working on two moves: Jeff Hardy’s swanton bomb and Austin Aries’s corkscrew splash. The first time Avery dove off the couch and ducked her head caught my by surprise. I caught her by the shoulders on the way way down and flipped her back onto the mattress. She squealed with delight. Next, she took a running start before turning her back toward me as she fell from the futon. She landed in my arms after completing something resembling a little more than a 180°. Look, I never wanted a child who I would/could refer to as “Abunai”, but here we are.


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