Young and Restless

It has been trending this way for a while, but it seems like the Era of Convenience – when both Cole and Avery would peacefully sit in their stroller during our outings – is drawing to a close.

12Lynnette’s been toting Avery around in the Ergo for a while now, and she always fights us when when we try to put her in a stroller or even a high chair. Lynnette’s been feeding herself and Avery with the PITA Girl seated on her lap. In fact, the only thing she’s let me put her in without argument is the basket of the wagon at Target. But even then, I’ve got to put a bunch of items in there for her to play with (and then I have to wipe them all down with one of her honeys before we check out. I swear, this kid is only going to be able to tell me if a book is good after she’s taken a few bites of it.).

Cole’s not too bad. He’ll sit in the stroller. If he gets fussy, then all we have to do is feed him some snacks and he’s happy to make a mess of himself and his side of the stroller, but even then this kind of bribery distraction only lasts for so long. Eventually, he will want out. And the second Avery sees him roaming free, she wants out, too.

We’re trying to figure out a system. Yesterday we found an area which was mostly boxed in by walls, fences, and benches near Neiman Marcus at Ala Moana. Once we let Cole and Avery out, Lynnette, Madison, and I play zone defense – blocking exit areas and other undesirable zones – until we have to shift to man if one or both of the twins looks like they’re going to get into and/or start trouble. This can mean approaching stairs or examining a trash can. Honestly, it can mean anything. I wish I had saved some of my athleticism for this period in my life, but no.

Cole and Avery just want to run. Madison knows best; she always says they’re exploring new places and new things. Mad’s always quick to point out things that she thinks Cole and Avery might like – the leaves of trees, special lighting, large images, and pictures of food. It might just be my perception of things, but it looks like Cole listens to her when he’s free. Avery doesn’t, but that’s because she doesn’t listen to anyone.

All of this ought to lead to an interesting summer to say the least. Other than the playground at Windward Mall, I don’t know many enclosed places where Madison and I could handle Cole and Avery. I trust them less than Chris Pratt trusted his raptors in Jurassic World.


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