Mother’s Day 2017: The Kids Explain Memmy

We ate brunch with Lynnette’s family at 100 Sails in the Waikiki Prince. Instead of being seated in the restaurant, our party of 14 was set up in a small room between the restaurant and the ballroom. It was perfect. The twins could run around without bothering anyone but us. It won’t surprise you that I ate too much. I spent 2:30-4:30 in a food-induced coma. I accomplished my mission of celebrating Mother’s Day by eating so much that I look pregnant. It’s late in the pregnancy. I have labor pains. I will end this metaphor now. Instead, I will let my kids tell you why Lynnette is an incredible mother.

1Mom is an awesome mom because she makes time for all of her kids, even though two of them don’t want to wait their turn. Also, she lets me pinch her leg during the scariest moments of Harry Potter. She a really good help with math; she helps me with homework. She helps me find mistakes in it. She’s really sweet, um, maybe too sweet (*makes too sweet hand gesture*). 

We were watching this scary nun thing in my iPad, and right before I started it, she said it would bring up viruses. When I used to do Lego, she would always put the sticker on because you (me) and me always have the unsteady hand. One time I tried to stick it on and it looked hideous. 

You’re the sweetest mom there can be. Happy Mother’s Day!

2Mom the best mom because Dr. Lance said I have to pau my binky already, but mom still lets me have my binky. That’s why she’s the best.

Mom knows when I gotta go number 2, I like to hide in the corner between Avery’s crib and the honey cabinet. She leaves me alone over there and then when I’m pau, she wipes my buns and puts on clean diaper that I like a lot.

I don’t know why I do it but when it’s time to eat sometimes I get fussy and don’t want to eat the stuff mom made for me to eat. But she is always patient and finds new things for me to eat and I don’t go hungry because my mom is patient not like my dad who just dumps 6 things on my tray and lets me pick whatever I want. Or he buys french fries and tosses them to me from the table. I stand on the couch and lean on the back of the couch and mom scolds dad that me and Avery aren’t dogs, but Abby – who is a dog – steals my french fries.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mem. I don’t like when you only hold Avery.

3If you must know, I’m my Memmy’s favorite. She tells me all the time but not to tell you guys, but I’m telling you anyway because Mem is too nice to tell you.

So that’s number 1 is Mem is nice. She sings me to sleep every night with “Part of Your World” which is from a movie that I have never seen, but it sounds nice even if Mem can’t sing so good, it’s the thought that counts and her thoughts are that I’m her fave. She makes Mad-Mad or Daddy put Cole to sleep – which is lame.

My mommy loves to dress me up in pretty clothes that match and she scolds Mad-Mad that her clothes don’t match. I love Mem so much that if Daddy tries to carry me, I arch my back and scream so that I hurt Daddy’s feelings but also so that Mom knows I love her best. We’re best friends because we like to troll Daddy. 

Mem, you were there for me on the worst night of my life and I know you will always be there for me. I love you. But not as much as food in general. Maybe in time. 


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