Lynnette Joins the Playground Tour 2017

Life is so much better when Lynnette is along for the Playground Tour.

1Lynnette had a starting point (the farmers’ market) and I had an end point (Sushi Bay), so all we had to do was fill the space between breakfast and lunch. We decided to hit up two playgrounds in Ewa Beach because it was in the middle of Mililani and Kapolei. Sometimes things just work out beautifully – but not as beautifully as Lynnette standing here, effortlessly gorgeous (+1) in the no-that’s-dirty-don’t-touch-whatever-already pose. I am always happy when she’s along on our adventures because she’s a semi-reasonable adult who is fully reasonable so long as there isn’t a high-end clothing sale in the vicinity (-1). Also, when Lynnette’s around, there’s a far less likely chance of something bad happening.

4Madison benefits most from Lynnette’s presence as she shifts out of the man-to-man defense and is able to play on her own for a while. She’s getting better at the monkey bars despite her notoriously sweaty hands. She even made it atop the monkey bars today and I now owe her $5. I didn’t think she would do it, but she did. It’s kind of jarring to see her buzz around the playground. It’s not that I keep forgetting she’s 9, it’s that I forget how old that really is. She’s halfway to graduating from high school. She’s four years away from a phone, and I don’t know much longer she’s going to go without a bra, but she’s been asking since she was 6 or something. She’s been a great help this summer and hopefully we’ll make it out to the beach next week where she can get some alone time in the water without helping me make sure her brother sand sister don’t eat all the sand and drink all the sea water.

2Cole also enjoyed his Memmy’s presence at the playground. He’s at the age where he’ll actually stop if called by name, and it was really super cool when he was doing shuttle runs on the bridge only to stop dead in his tracks when Lynnette called out to him from beyond the bars. He shoved his face into the bars to give her a kiss. More than that, though, I think Cole really enjoyed his first taste of coffee. Lynnette left her iced coffee on the ground near the hydroflask and Cole got there while Lynnette was on the other side of the structure. He tried everything to get to that delicious coffee – including Avery’s technique of eating through the cup – but had to settle for little drops that leaked out of the opening at the top…because Avery stole the straw a few minutes earlier and toted it around the playground like she was some kind of old-timey marching band leader.

3Only Avery might have disliked her best friend’s accompaniment today. Lynnette is somewhere between two and two-thousand times more vigilant about making sure Avery doesn’t try to any/every thing in range her her mouth. I snapped this picture as Avery decided she wanted a snack in the middle of descending the stairs. You can see the furrowed brow of frustration on Avery’s face. Maybe the playgrounds in Ewa Beach taste different than those in Aiea. She’ll never know now, Lynnette (-1). Hopefully, we’ll get to a couple more playgrounds tomorrow. If the sun’s out, though, we’re going to roll out the pink pool and have one fat pa’ina in the driveway. Too bad Mem has work.


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