I Don’t Like CPK, But I Love CPK’s Outdoor Dining Area

I went to the doctor’s office today. This is a truly rare occasion. In fact, my visit today was to establish care because I haven’t had a doctor since my pediatrician. My favorite part of the visit was the doctor’s set of questions. It was the standard smoke/drink/procedures/medications set, but in the middle of all that she caught me off guard. “How many sexual partners in the last five years?” she said. I cocked my head back. “Barely one,” I said. She chuckled. “Well, I don’t like to assume, either way,” she said with a wry smile. My least favorite part of the visit was when she told me to “stop drinking my calories”. She wants me to stop drinking Coke. She thinks it will help with my skin, stomach, and weight. My mom has said the same exact things  since I hit puberty, but it sounds more legit coming from a doctor.

12I drank water with dinner at CPK tonight. But I just bought three 2-liter bottles of Coke. So what I’m saying is I will probably have a cup of Coke before the night is over. Baby steps. We’re now at the part of the twins’ lives when eating out is a officially a challenge. Avery wasn’t particularly hungry when we ate dinner and since she hates sitting in a high chair (and also sitting with me), she sits in Lynnette’s lap. Only today  she didn’t want to sit in Lynnette’s lap. For a while Avery was content to sit on the bench and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Cole was much better behaved, other than the part about dropping the crayons repeatedly. He was doing a great job eating until a pigeon showed up in the area. Cole felt the need to alert all of us to its presence, then to monitor its behavior for the rest of the meal. By the time the bird flew away Cole was over dinner. He wanted out. Since we’re here, big ups to CPK for building in an outdoor dining area. My kids drop so much stuff on the ground and Abby isn’t around to clean it up.

*Dinner was paid for using a gift card from my second period seniors. Thanks, guys. I you guys are out there killing summer for me!

3There’s a little faux grass area in the Town Center. Ideally, Cole and Avery would party in that expanse of freedom, but nope. They wanted to run everywhere but on the fake grass. Here are Cole and Avery. Cole just banged his head on the table. I wish I could say this is some kind freak occurrence on par with the infrequency of my doctor’s visits, but also nope. This kind of nonsense happens every day. Avery’s started gnawing on the wall closest to the baby gate. Madison faceplants once a day going over the baby gate. I forget that we use the laundry basket to block the doorway so Abby can’t make clandestine visits to the living room to make rogue bad choices, then I stub my toes on the metal parts of the basket frame. When that happens, the sharp pain in my feet are immediately followed by a swelling in my chest. It is of rage. But Cole and Lynnette are sleeping mere feet away so I can only exhale my pestilence in silence.


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