Abby’s Secret Bases

Abby’s secret space is no longer a secret. I was rolling around in the twins’ room and heard Abby scratching at the carpet. I popped up and looked around the room. I didn’t see her. “Abby!” I shouted.  A few moments later, The Fur emerged from under Cole’s crib.

21It’s hard to blame Abby, I suppose. She can be got in any other spot in the house. Sometimes she saunters into Lynnette’s walk-in closet to walk under her clothes. I think it’s something like a massage. Madison calls it a carwash. We can still catch her in there, though. But the bottom of the crib is so low that none of is can reach in there.

I don’t know what she does in there, other than tearing up swaths of carpet. Maybe she likes the cozy confines under Avery’s  bed where we’ve hidden a fold-out plastic table. Maybe she likes having a one-person doggie rave under Cole’s crib with the flashing lights of the modem and router. I don’t know why she does the things she does, especially dropping bombs on the carpet 7 inches away from a fresh wee pad.

3I suppose Abby deserves a safe space away from the screaming kids who like to taunt her but cry as soon as she fights back. Everyone needs a little privacy. Besides, she has such a tough job of growling at people she can hear (but not see) outside our home. She also has taken it upon herself to bark at every. single. human. or. dog. that. passes. by. the. house. while. we’re. out. side. It’s a thankless job, but someone’s got to do it.


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