Date Night: Michael Mina’s The Street

Lynnette took me out to date night last night to “reward me” for my work this week. I’ve been feeding the kids and bathing the kids, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, and cleaning the house because Lynnette’s started going to the gym. Yes, she’s made the threat of bringing sexy back before, but she’s never actually gone to the gym before. “Any results?” I jokingly asked when she got home the first night. “I can’t feel my legs and my ass,” she said. “But I can,” I said. I gave both a couple of pats. Encouragement. We’re all proud of you, Lynnette! Keep it going!

We got the Street Party Pass (I can’t remember the official name). It’s $38 for 7 smaller portions of a given dish. Here are our reviews. Mine in blue, Lynnette’s in orange.

1)  Baja Poke Bowl & Poke Taco, Kai Poke: I would never have ordered that flavor of Poke on my own, so this is what I call eating outside of my box. The fish was good and the addition of corn added a nice crunch. The poke taco was great, I think they had me the moment I saw them squeeze the avocado paste on the bottom of the shell, though. I don’t have a review because Phil ate it all.

2) Mini Harissa Chicken Lafa, Little Lafa: It was good, nice little Mediterranean flatbread sandwich. The flavors are not those that usually eat on a regular basis, so it was a very refreshing change of pace. I liked the crunch of the cauliflower. Whoever thought of putting the cauliflower in the… (she stopped talking and had a flashback to what I can only imagine was the food itself. This happens more than I’d like to admit. She’s going to hit me when she reads this). It was yummy (she came back).

3) Saint Louis Style Ribs and Green Papaya Slaw, International Smoke: The ribs were divine. That is all. I don’t usually eat coleslaw but as a fan of green papaya salad, I had to give it a try. It was good – it was different, but eh. I just wanted to try something that had Steph Curry’s wife’s name in it. She’s right. The ribs were great. I would eat them again. I’m easy, though, because I think they had me the second they caramelized the salt and sauce with a blowtorch. Also, I love how Lynnette doesn’t even use Steph Curry’s wife’s name, though. Lynnette is such a hater. Her name is Ayesha, Lynnette.

4) Half-slice of Grandma’s Pizza & Squash Salad, Nana Lu’s: I think the fact that I took three bites of the squash salad is a bigger upset than Lynnette going to the gym all week. But that’s just me. The sauce on that pizza was awesome. So simple yet so delicious. That squash salad (long pause, possibly to relive her meal. Again.) was flavored well – with herbs and a light vinaigrette. 

5) Slider with Grilled Onions & Twisty Fries, Maui Onion Burger: It was a good burger that was a little too small. I will go back and get the full sized one someday. Lynnette let me eat the whole thing because she assumed that there was some sauce inside of it that she wouldn’t eat, but I suspect she was just saving herself for dessert. I didn’t eat the burger because there was probably some kind of sauce in it that I wouldn’t wanna eat, so I let you eat it. Besides, I know you love burgers. The twisty fries, though. Oh no, someone’s smashed their fingers! *leaves to check on twins, returns* The twirly fries were nicely salted, they were crispy on the outside, they went really well with my beer. 

6) Strawberry Hibiscus Shave Ice, Aloha Ice: It just had everything that I love. Strawberry hibiscus shave ice, check. Tapioca, check. Mochi, check. Vanilla ice cream, check! And the lime shave ice that they added on top of that was just a tart…was a nice citrusiness that meshed well with all the other flavors…party in my mouth. Party in my mouth. It really was great, but you’ll forgive Lynnette for the insane review because she as she was sharing her thoughts she was also making Madison’s hair while Avery climbed all over her because she hates when Lynnette doles out attention to anyone else.

Thank you for a great date night, Lynnette!

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