Lines on Lynnette, the Love of My Life

In three stanzas.

4My love works out,
but not this weekend;
for her precious time
with us did she spend.
She treated herself
with tasty treats
since at the gym she
did earn what she eats.
She tried to do yoga
with her daughter, Mad.
It didn’t go too well,
in fact, it was bad.
Cole Boy stretched, too,
he had his own mat –
a tri-fold diaper pad –
how clever is that?
Cole Boy sat on her throat
and pinched her nose
when she was trying to hit
the low boat pose.
She ended the session
as a sweaty mess
with 20-plus pounds
of Cubby Candy on her chest.

3In an attempt to cool down
her son and daughter
she shot them both with
streams of cold water.
Cole and Avery shivered
as they were hit,
but Lynnette didn’t stop,
she didn’t give a… care.
Once Cole and Avery
were done in the pool
Mom gave both baths
because she’s super-cool!
I was downstairs cleaning
and Mad was in the shower
The twins were done in 5,
but Mad took half an hour.
A few moments later
she put Avery to sleep,
and soon thereafter
Cole fell without a peep.
It was at this moment
my love was finally free
to spread out on the couch
and play with her Galaxy.

2And boy! Did she ever
kick up her feet
at her husband sitting
near in his computer seat.
Lynnette browsed IG
to see if she could find
new restaurants with
new food she could grind.
“Ooh, that looks delicious!”
she’d say with a sigh.
She’d smack her lips
and quickly pat her thigh.
Or maybe she was checking
out some new Fighting Eel
for her to wear out,
so sexy does she feel.
“Look at this top!”
she’ll say with a shove.
She tells me if I pick it up
(in a small) it’s true love.
I hope you enjoyed
your three-day weekend,
I can’t wait for Friday
so we can do it all again.



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